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We try to give them advice they can use to advance advance their work. You're a writer. Why is that important to a writer? Writers buy into a little bit into that philosophy of. It's the lowly art. This is something that you do by yourself in your room. And until you're ready to unveil it to the world. Why why is this? The bootcamp so important. Well, it isn't it isn't a lonely art. I mean, the actual sitting down and writing nobody can do it for you. Yourself. And usually you need a quiet corner somewhere. But the best thing you can do if you want to be a writer, especially a professional writer is you've got to share it. For right from beginning. Because ultimately, you will be sharing it. That and it's only through the eyes of others that you can start seeing where your mistakes are wary. What you're doing right. And what you're doing raw properly cramped the scene that we were talking with with friends who were who were who were going to be be leading a discussion about how to ride a sex scene or scene. In a book. And nobody does that rate. But there's there's an important craft and skill to that crafting a character. Building building momentum through through a scene plot points, all of those things. There's there's a there are a lot of technical aspects to writing a book that you can miss and knowing some of those things are are mentally important to the author. That's that's exactly right. There are writing is an eternal learning. Learning experience. You never know everything about it. Always find some new tip. A new piece of advice that'll help you hone your craft and make you make you a better writer and hopefully. Money-making? Author at the book camp, we that's what we try to try to help everybody do as I said the book camp is a workshop the writing retreat is more for more advanced writers who who simply wish to have been the fin the week writing. And maybe be able to. Without distraction NBA to mingle with other writers, and perhaps in Haizhu presentation. People. I don't read fiction or rarely read fiction. I'm reading it for for the show. But I never read fiction, and I always I always rationalize it by saying this. I don't read fiction because I don't want to pick up somebody else's voice because I think there's a different cadence to Kane style to writing fiction, and as opposed to nonfiction a memoir, your thoughts on re perhaps the number one thing the first thing anyone who wants to be a writer does probably before they even realize they wanna write as they read. They read constantly, and I call it through is most picking up they start seeing techniques. And yes. Hearing the voices of other people, but I may mildly disagree with you. I don't I don't think reading other people's voices would change yours reading the same person over and over. Only read one person I can say that. You have to read in order to. I remember when I was in sixth grade when I read island of the blue dolphins it made me want to be a writer so loved it so much, but. Myself which I do all the time. Mile schizophrenia. Which which all authors are should have a little bit. But. Let me say this because we're going to have on this this gentleman Damon Mitchell on in a few minutes, we just released his first is I. And I write record reviews music reviews and often all almost almost without exclusion. In those in those reviews, I'll say they sound like this are there channeling this there's shades of so, and so we feel very comfortable in making those comparisons with music, but we we we feel maybe it's the author that feels uncomfortable about doing the same thing. Even though we're all we're all sort of constantly editing the world, and that includes what we read. I think. It's a compliment the most authors if you compare them to the writing of another successful successful author, and and you pick up bits and pieces from everybody you read, and how you combine those bits and pieces exclusively your voice. Yeah. So I still don't think you would end up imitating. Someone would always develop your own voice. I like that. That's a perfect perfect place to close the twenty thousand novel in progress. Bootcamp begins. Book. Hello. Nineteen th through the twenty fifth at the beautiful cedar valley retreat center in west bend. Dave rank I look forward to seeing you up there in Wisconsin, buddy. Thank you. Thanks again for inviting. I promise I will not mention the cubs. Meantime, we'll come back with Damon Mitchell. We've got much more show stick around. We'll be right back right.

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