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Pittsburgh. They've got build team. They're going to be in the jets team. They're going to be very easy for the pages. Go three and one from here on in. I'll be curious what they can do what New England does against the team. I can't the city that charges. Offense is really good. That texans. Offense has been really good. Talk myself into another team. I can't get their eight five five two one two four CBS. We can talk anything NFL, by the way, doesn't have to be AFC Brandon Little Rock Arkansas where I used to live. Thank you for listening. You're on CBS sports radio. Thank you for having me. It's such a joyous. Time of the year. I'm excited is Christmas is the Christmas holiday, and I got an early Gill. Yeah. Well, Christmas and daddy ills Mike McCarthy. Three guys fire. I am excited. Three years communist should should've happened, right? After that the buckle and. Seattle when they should've wanted the NFC championship and went to the what sort of the Super Bowl is the patriots. That's what it should have happened. So my thing is you you know, how about Mike McCarthy? This is what happens in this is the prime example when you're an overrated coach and your division the team that used to be whipping, boys. You know, what you want guarantees six wins? No matter what this is what happens when those teams start getting good and challenging you. And you say the same and your quarterback, and you're kicker, they decide, you know, we don't want to say any more. And then the players that's on the low on the totem pole. When you know, you blame them out to you. You're absolutely right. I mean that and then you gals you get the call in Little Rock, Arkansas. Shout out by the way to the Arkansas democrat gazette right used to used to work for a couple of excellent years, ho balls. Well there at the my first newspaper job at a couch. Eight five five two one two four CBS number. Thanks for the call in Little Rock. Let's go to Fort Worth Texas. Josh what's up buddy, you're on CBS sports radio? I just wanted to call and let you know that. I am sacks writer than you. In week two. I called in fire sell the Cowboys having a top five defense this year. And I think you hit the land speed record to the. How did you? Now, Mr. crabs. I by Josh by it. I buy side. Go for Josh in Dallas. I love I love sports fans. Never forget. A slight. Hey, what's up buddy, you're on CBS sports radio? Hello. Hi. My name is Andrew. I'm calling from LA. What's up? I'd be better than the patriots. I think that they would if they were to go to FOX those they'll be able to beat them there. They played a near-perfect. There's no penalties against them at all. They're really good on the road. And their defense is a lot more ferocious than I believe. The patriots aren't Andrew Andrew. Thank you. They play a perfect game. I like the chargers. I like a lot of those teams AFC is going to be really interesting. This year problem is when there's a lot of parody. It says equals the pages. This herbal eight five five two one two four CBS the phone number. We talked a few hours ago here on the program. If you missed it or miss anything radio dot com is where you can find the podcast some college football playoff, and we're going to do that again dentist. Dial my colleague from CBS sports dead. It's gonna Dennis is going to join me in just a moment here on the show writer, then you with me Bill Ryder after the CBS sports radio update with Jay baron. Sports flash bell. This report is brought.

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