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Places But they say. I guess what i'm trying to say. Is that these people these private companies that run the things in texas they don't they don't have any incentive to to take the time to winner is their stuff that's because they're not the only years ins on earth who don't work to make money so they have no incentive. There you go then you your power goes out win on the euro degrees listen. Let's doesn't happen very often made us. It may be that the free market is saying especially that no. We don't wanna pay for higher prices in order to you. Know whether proof the power grid and that's fine that just means that you're gonna have to take responsibility for yourself if you want to power during colder weather. What it means is that it's likely that no one in texas thought this was going to happen because it has never happened. It's more likely to be the case. Sure and so. They went ahead and just didn't think about this because they didn't have to ever. Yeah and now. I guarantee you. There's plenty of people that are thinking real hard on what to do to make sure this doesn't happen again. And what are you saying. Are you saying you think a centralized government bureaucracy that would have controlled. All of the power grid would have done a better job. I am simply pointing out that. The free market. Think to not a free-market dude. You should look at how many people starved when china when the chinese government took over food production there it was millions dead. Yeah definitely a free markets in a free market. It's government regulated marketplace from top to bottom with a little bit of deregulation. But you can't start your own power generating company and compete. Good luck coming up. This is free talk live. Bitcoin dot com is the best source for learning about cryptocurrency. Go there now. Click on get started at the top of the page. Once you do that. You'll find a cornucopia of information neatly organized for your needs if you're a knowledgeable crypto user checkout news dot bitcoin dot com where you can get the latest headlines. Bitcoin dot com is your source for buying ripta currency getting a wallet app mining trading and all the latest crypto news all on slick an easy to use website all put together by the best minds in the business to teach you.

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