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Then the mayor intervenes that don't leave on DH. That's why you're running. You're a liberal's liberal. You're a good man, but you don't think right sometimes because your liberal progressive and what went at the age of 80 you say you know what? That guy running for mayor is so bad. I'm going to run against him because you want to pass on the baton to the next generation of liberal leaders, and he's certainly A number one or number two in each council race. So it is your race against P G. Sittenfeld I denouncing, not the politics, but rather the personality and the way he would govern the city. And that's why you're running and please don't give me the political answer. I want to be the next mayor of Cincinnati. I want to be the next mayor of since tonight because I think my experience I think my commitment this community can serve very well with the challenges we have. You know, I'm not going. You know, I don't think you would not be running if this guy was like the Jerry Springer. The future. This guy was the John Cranley. This guy was the Mark Mallory. If this was the guy who was gonna late Cincinnati, you would not like Cincinnatus come out of the vineyards back into the back into Rome. You would say that's that he's not a different generation. He's like, three generation short of you. And if that guy was good and a man, you know him inside out, I don't Tony Bender doesn't know People don't know guys. But you sit next to him your counsel with him and after knowing him for years used by your candidate say, you're saying he's not the best candidate for mayor in that drew more sure, of course. Of course, if I didn't think I could do a better job and auto be leading the city, I wouldn't be. Ah. A candidate. I mean, okay. Yes, that's now. Lastly, Dave man. I hear the plane of left from the progressives completely complain always about systemic racism. And that is institutional racism. At least you probably knew him personally. Willis Gradison. Was the last Republican mayor of Cincinnati about 50 years ago. John Kenneth Blackwell ran is a charter, right, but he was really Republican. But not on. Yeah, he ran is a charter, but the last Republican mayor was 50 years ago. Because the Democratic Party has been completely in charge of every aspect of the city for a half a century. If there's systemic racism aren't the Democrats responsible for the system, therefore responsible for racism in the city. No, no, no. Tell me you're talking. You're talking about our society. You're talking about how difficult the long journey and much too long to get passed. Ah, the sad curse of Ah ah, slavery and racism in our society. And you know I grew up in northern Kentucky, and people are amazing when I said, you know. Schools are segregated. We used to get on that we used to go the movie theater blacks upstairs, White stands. There's like we, my mom and I used to go the train to go to the old home instead. On the Covenant train station had a black waiting room, a white rain room and a train that came from Chicago before across the river had to segregate its cars because God knows we couldn't have blacks and whites in the same Ah, passenger car. So you know this has been a long, long journey. And it's time for nto this I agree with our Cincinnati police systemically racist. No, of course not. So if anyone says there's systemic racism of the 69 police division, not the movie theaters 60 years ago. I mean today in 2020 says night police run by African Americans for the last 10 to 15 years, they're not systemically racist. Of course not. Now, there are officers that have attitudes that they shouldn't have and the AA and I believe that that's the police department's quite there from there wasn't up first got involved. City Hall. It certainly is much more reflective of the dignity. Those are good things. And you know that the White House because I took there are some of the best people they have. And the They want to deal with serving the community. They want to deal with human beings without regard to their color, and you know, it's sometimes it's a very challenging job for lots of reasons. That are not of their making now, Lastly, The P G. Sittenfeld crowds whispering in my ear that you're not going to run. This is all. Obviously you don't have the money. You might have the name I d. He's gonna have like over a million dollars. You're going tohave, nickels and dimes. And this is some court some sort of stalking horse and that you're going to jump out of the race A T end of the heir of the first of next year. There's going to be a primary because of that. Pray through woman. She's going to run. Do you commit to staying into the race at least through the primary? Of course, Of course. Look, I've heard of PC might drop out. He said he wasn't doing so that money. What? Why's it? Where does that money come from? And why that that's one of the questions. But but no, I'm in because I want to be mayor because I think I can do it Good. You on, like a better job and ah, so yeah, I'm not going to drop out. Well, I'll say this Dave, man, even though you're a liberal, you're a good man. And you have the best interest of the city at heart. You're not corrupt. You don't run around town with a podium in your truck, ready to jump out, told a news conference at a moments notice..

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