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Sort of luxury items. Like, right. And you think about kind of the growth rates that they're seeing in terms of revenues that don't think you're seeing that. 25%, I think we're looking at 2023 for top line for Tesla this year if I look at the FA page on Bloomberg. All right, Carol master, Katie. This is Bloomberg radio. Bloomberg radio on demand and in your podcast team. On the latest sound on podcasts, we talked to former OMB director former acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney for his take on Donald Trump's speech at cpac. Call it Trump hack now. It's not really a conservative hack. It's Trump pack, which is reflective in the fact that nobody else besides, I think Nikki Haley showed up, or at least none of the other leading likely candidates, the Santa's pants Pompeo, et cetera. You've hearkened on that number about the 63%. And what I'm telling you is that 62% is too low. Everybody there should have been a Trump fan and apparently they weren't in that ad in that environment. Trump should be winning 85 90% of the vote. So I'm not sure where the 63 came from. I understood why the number was lower in Florida because that's Ronda Sanchez's home territory. But this was in Washington, D.C., if not the santas wasn't there, that number should be higher than 63% of I'm the Trump team. I'm claiming victory and you should because you won by 43 points. But the number could have been probably should have been higher. Much said about crowd size and it lets an obsession of your former boss. There were lots of pictures taken from the back of the room. You know, make this is what you do to poke the bear a little bit. Is that to a concern? If you're on team Trump? It is. This has turned into an event that used to be pan Republican. And under max lapse leadership, the last couple of years, they sort of thrown in whole hog with Trump, which is fine. That's where the money has been. So you can't fault them for that. But the fact that all of the major names other than Trump stayed away. And Nicky Haley was there, of course, you know, there's some discussion about is she running for Trump's vice president. Her in the race in order to, you know, there was some polling data that would indicate she pulls from desantis more than Trump. Hear the full conversation on the latest edition of

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