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Welcome to the massacre a production of iheartradio and katie studios. A lot of what i do is i can tiptoe into people's tragedy but i get to pull my toes out as opposed to the families who their entire lives. Are you know shattered. And in some cases destroyed and decimated which certainly happened in this case but as the story unfolded as we started piecing together things and talking with family members and law enforcement and people in the community became clear to me. I guess this a special place. This is the perfect massacre returned. Pike county season two episode six. The victims need a voice. I'm cording armstrong a television producer. Kt studios with stephanie decker. And jeff shane the day. That eight members of the rodent family were found murdered. Journalists chris graves began covering the story for the cincinnati enquirer. Her insight is crucial as she spoke with members of the victims families. The rodents manley's gillies in the immediate aftermath of the killings. She's the only journalist to conduct an exclusive interview with the wagner family. Just weeks after the rodents were found dead grave sat down with jake wagner who has now pled guilty and has accused mother angela. We finally got chris graves to sit down for an interview after many tries. She speaking out now because she feels it's imperative that the victims have a voice in this story. This is highly significant due to the current gag. orders here. She is speaking to our producer. Also named chris graves. When did you. First hear about the road murders. So i i heard about the crime the friday and which it broke. I saw a tweet. As i recall in the first news of this was there were people dead in pike county and that the police were beginning to investigate so my news instincts kicked him. And then i texted our editors and said this is our story. This is what i was thinking. Multiple people found dead in more than one location along. Union hill road in piked. In this morning. I two pm. Investigators say they found eight people dead seven adult victims and a sixteen year old boy all from the rodent family shooter or shooters out there somewhere. No one is in custody right now. Whoever they are They were trying to possibly wipe out this entire family. I was trying to get somebody. Who's on the ground. Who has is who can help you as a reporter because when stories like this begin to unfold. There's just so much you don't know you don't know anything. There was a church right across from union hill road and i managed to get reverend fill on the phone and i just started interviewing him and during the course of that conversation i could hear the reverend fulton talking with what appeared to be a family member who turned out to be leonard manley. Leonard is the father of dana manley road and also the grandfather of cana. Roden chris junior and l. advocates. So i asked him if he could quit. Leonard manley on the phone and he did and that was the first time i talked with a family member. He was able to tell me in that conversation who they believed had been killed and it was his daughter who found the first four victims. Who made the first nine one one call which we've occurred. I was trying to on the phone piece together. Who all these people. What their relationships were who were they. What were the relationships..

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