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But at the end of the day wasn't really trespassing. Was there a sign. Did he take something. Is it criminal trespass. Was there wire copper taken which some you know bad guys sometimes do at places and then they sell it but he had nothing in his hands he had potential to be there out of interest. And did anyone ever tell him not to be there. Was he in fact. Trespassing and at the end of the day does it. Even matter i mean is that a reason to chase someone and then you know they die. I think that's the point is going to get to a lot of folks that you know he. He shouldn't be. This shouldn't have happened. So who instigates the whole thing. And i think that's going to be a big challenge for the defense because they're the ones instigating the confrontation if you're gonna ledge self defense. It's a tough argument if you are instigating the initial confrontation. So we'll see how that goes. But here's here's what they're gonna say. Because kevin gov continued in his argument and the reason he's he's saying listen he could be committing carjacking. Is that the defense needs to come up. With the reason why they are confronting ahmad armory. And it's because of georgia's citizen arrest law. Let's take a listen. This is this. Is this a a love. Not the testimony defend is going to justify carjacking or charge router that is already in the immediate presence of gregory traps michael authorizing the data to seasons arrest. Both fries or attempted. And that's interesting. He's trying to get away from the ahmad arbor walking through that home. That's under construction. Because none of the three men who were chasing him witnessed him do that. So he's trying to make the leap that well roddy. Brian wissant witnessed him trying to enter his car. His palm print is on the on the door of the car. He's trying to enter the car and a reasonable jury could say hey. He's trying to carjack. Brian looking for an end around here. They also have to explain why his prints and are on on the trucks right because prosecution is saying that they rammed him with the truck which added to amman sphere. In all of this it would anybody. But i think that that's how they're going to explain away. That's why his prints are on there because he was actually trying to take our truck. He was trying to take our gun. We don't you know maybe that's what the defense is going to be here and we get back again to the words of the the defendants themselves because in their minds and this is the part that's going to be. I don't know how they handle it. Trial in their minds. They are doing nothing wrong. Even at the point that amman. Aubrey is dead in the street. And police are talking to the mic. Michaels into roddy brian. There's no acknowledgement that this went south. It was like well we had to do it. We had no other choice. You know we're we're you know in our minds we're allowed to make the citizens arrest this guy's going around. He's burglarizing our neighborhood. And for travis mcmichael the son. He left his vehicle unlocked and when he left vehicle unlocked. Someone took the gun out of his car so he knew that he was the victim of that right and then someone was walking into this construction site and then he put tuned to together and said well if someone went into my car sold the gun. It had to be the guy who was walking through the construction site so my understanding in the way i interpret. His actions is that in his mind. It's the same person. It's the same person who keeps coming back to the neighborhood walking through the construction say. That's the one who took my gun. I'm going to go get him. we need to. We need to get him. And i think that that is why. This case is so polarizing for a lot of people. And i think that that point that you're making is actually going to be used for the prosecution as well because they're gonna say he's being profiled and they were going after him because they were profiling him so. I think that that is something. That's going to be made into a point. And they still have yet to define in terms of carjacking versus hijacking and burglary versus criminal trespass. Getting that but that is yet to be defined terms as we head into trial and how people potential jurors will interpret those those terms and i think where the defense is going to go with. All this is just trying to narrow the scope of what happened that day. But let's take a listen to the da because the da after all these allegations of carjacking and everything else was livid. Take a listen allowing crystal clear. The defendant mr. Brian hit mr arbor with his truck. That's his palm prints on it. That's why his tee-shirt fibers on it because he assaulted him with a five thousand pound lethal weapon known as a pickup truck and yes maybe disturbing did try and push off that truck. After being hit with it i get the defense wants to characterize that some other way as if mr artery was committing a crime after being assaulted a five thousand pound pickup track a lethal weapon that could have killed as mr bryant pushed him off the road and into a ditch which he by the way demonstrate it to agent seacrest in his march thirteen twenty twenty video. It's offensive that this has been turned into. The victim was trying to commit a carjacking. State is not going to argue that. He's entitled committed carjacking. Because mr was not committing carjacking he was not committing any felony mr abrahams trying to save his life from that man who is trying to hit him with a pickup truck. There's no acknowledgement here from the defense or from any the defendants at any point as to what ahmad rb may have been thinking all this time. You're let's say he's he's literally going for a run. Okay and i again. The facts will come out in trial and we'll figure it out the jury tell us but if he's going for a run and you're running through neighborhood and there's one pickup following you then there's a second one trying to follow you then stops in the middle of the road. There's a guy on the back of the pickup truck and then they've got guns. I mean what is going through your mind other than for some reason. These men are hunting me down. And that's the point that i don't think they ever could. They can't put themselves into into the mindset of ahmad armory and how he's interpreting. What's happening here. I think about that all time. Especially when i look at the video but then i also go back to the fundamentals here because if you say you did something wrong in. Somebody's house or say you did. Try to carjack somebody. Is that a reason for that person to die and is that a reason that a killer should be acquitted of of a crime because you have situations where serial killers go after prostitutes. They're committing a crime but if the ciller serial killer commit committed a crime against someone that was committed a crime. Does that mean. They shouldn't pay the price for the notion of of the the vigilantism of it all is taking the law into your own hands and then it comes back to the citizens arrest. Is it a lawful citizens arrest. Is it an unlawful citizen's arrest. Is it self at the end or are they committing felony murder. This this one can make many different turns. The legal arguments will be fascinating and the way the facts develop as well but when we come back i want what i want to do is take a closer look at one of the three defendants. And that is roddy brian. Because he's the one of the three that does not have a gun. He's the one who's recording the whole thing and during the course on my show on court. Tv i.

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