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All of our data flow securely into a central hub where we can analyze it. We can take action in a way that allows us to better support our community. We can tell people that like a certain products what tens of thousands of other people also like that like that product. We can tell people who haven't come in in a while but used to like these products. What kind of new products? They might like I mean there's all sorts of different ways we can do it from a transactional side but ultimately also you know for us. We're very passionate that we're a lifestyle business that happens to sell in this. We happen to be a retail brand so we love looking at the lifestyle side of the data connecting those points together and then finding ways to authentically and interestingly surface that information to our community so in this time of sort of rapid change and rapid evolution were actually like really excited to be able to leverage some of these things and more powerful ways because ultimately all we're doing is learning more about our community and now being able to offer them even more context. So that's that's pretty exciting time. I'm fascinated that you've utilizing salesforce and back in my tech days. I had many many clients. I mean they were the sort of the GO-TO customizable solution for integrating sales and marketing. And they still are powerhouse force but their ability to tailor and each businesses data demands is what is the magic behind salesforce. And that kind of stuff doesn't happen overnight so clearly you've been working on that integration and customization for some time. Yeah it's a large list but it's a list that we see a daily benefit from in one to one interaction in retail marketing execution and ultimately in brand building for airfield were believed very strong in the brand that we have built in and continue to build Redmond. Brands are fluid things that never get completed but it allows us a constant feedback. Check to be able to dive in and see what people care about. See what they're interested in. We constantly are doing touch points with our community whether that's community surveys or proactiv brand campaigns that allow us to engage with people and get data out of that but you know having these systems in place allows us to have a source of truth that we can go back to and even the best source of data. Truth is often a good hypothesis. But I'm a lot comfortable making large decisions off of a data backed hypothesis. Then just hoping to get the answer right. And that's what this allows us on a lot of ways you know as we move forward and ask cannabis businesses in general move forward our ability to truly understand what people want allows us to serve them better which allows our businesses to grow and allows everyone to be happier. So it's it's a worthwhile investment. Always but you have to be willing to do it now if you were gonNA give one piece of advice to a dispensary. Who's looking to embark on the area of data or one piece of advice? You could give. I think if there is one piece. Is this idea of figuring out your combination of data in art in where that comes together you know certainly f. We have larger data systems. It's a family run sole owner company. That started in two thousand and ten with a couple of employees a dream and confidence that they knew how to do it right but it always came from a core place of knowing why you exist. I always bring it back to that whenever it comes down to anything if you do not as a business truly understand why you exist then. What you're doing is just selling products. There's an amazing book by a friend of mine called the soulful art of persuasion which is by Jason Harris. Who'S THE CEO of mechanism? Which is oh absolutely fantastic creative agency. And it's that combination of what makes a World Austin Hick influencer now and that applies to an individual or a business. But it always comes down to the core. Why you exist. Why you're what you're actually doing. You're serving a community. You're providing service. You're finding these things so figure out how you can take that mission that you have in find a little bit of data or a lot of data whatever you get get your hands on it figure out a way to manipulate it in a way that you can understand it and then understand the true passion in the art in the science side of it. There is any vise. I'll ever give someone it's figure out how those things come together because that's what you really do. Hit something magical. That's the sweet spot. That's what separates of business from a brand that separates a commodity from a concept or a concept people can believe in. I always say that. Don't try to chop off the biggest thing you possibly can start simple but simple is usually creativity and data where they come together. Find that story grow that story and ultimately figure out why the reason you exist connects with why people are coming to you so that you can work together to grow that. That is excellent advice. Well Chris Thank you so much for your time today. It has been an absolute pleasure and I think people have learned a lot about what it takes to connect human interaction with delivery to scale to meet this new world that we live in with social distancing and shelter in place where we just have to hang tight until this virus runs its course and we can return more to our daily lives and yet things are going to change as a result things will change hopefully for the better and. I think we're starting to see that now.

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