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Airport tunnels also looking good to in from login and that so far good ride east and westbound on the mass pike between graft in in Boston Laurie ready WBZ's traffic on the three clear sky fifty degrees in Boston right now a bit chilly right now to start but later on today we'll hit the sixties sixty two well inland sixty a downtown and near the coast a bit of a breeze and lots of sunshine this evening will be mild then turning chilly overnight clear sky again fifty two in Boston low to mid forties and some of the suburbs tomorrow early sunshine giving way to clouds highs within a few degrees of sixty five for Friday for Saturday cooler with partly sunny skies mid fifties Sunday looks like rain now in Boston fifty degrees under a clear sky more rolling blackouts amid a wildfire in northern California CBS is now Piper with the update of fire near Dyersville in northern California has forced evacuations sixty mile per hour winds are said to be the cause of the rapidly moving blaze cinema county sheriff's sergeant and wonderful and see I think Kate fire burning in the northern part of cinema county anywhere between five hundred thousand acres and we're doing mandatory evacuations the I. X. TV's Wilson Walker says it comes as P. Jeannie set off the power to thousands in case fires like this one sparks there was plenty of evidence that people here had been through this before the last power outage compelled us to be prepared because we weren't prepared to shut down two weeks ago inspired city Johnson's family.

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