We'd love days. We love buffets ruin. We're not cause we love our loon straight talk with raw. Think outside the box. It's everything a podcast should be. I'm sorry about this song. I know that it's all wrong on charta. Nee qua- straight talk with. Ross cries dweller listeners episode already this week well guess what. This is a very special episode. Because i was busy. How hunting inva- bub-bubba a bona running. Let's do a quick round episode. Nikki boyer is here jay here. Do you remember that i found. This theme song was a real commercial to a all in line called selective singles. I am gonna play the song now because it doesn't exist anymore. So watch what you're gonna do. I was so inspired by this song. This is the actual commercial for like one eight hundred number. You could call him to other single people in your area of control selective single way too and we're on the excuse things so we decided. Cassie take control today. Selective go by. We had a listener. Who who took snippets of things that i said on the program and made it to a fake selective singles call. You'll remember this. Thank you for calling selective single. Please hold you will be connected shortly. Hey picture me. I will let you frost my cake. I just put it in your mouth got again. You fucking me yes. Oh oh yes so hot. Dixon the yeah. Yeah a little horny. Six to eight inches roused. Wow this could get exciting white dick message. He's or historian listener. Victor loon he goes. That was that was dave from kuwait. Who made that. Thank you so much listener. Victor victor knows that so people would. I pointed to this. My point is that people were so inspired by people really finding love. Now you'll know we did find. We had a couple who found each other in from facebook who met the facebook group who are dating This is also how we met eugene from ghana and now listener victors ghana from the available market. He's been taken Dating can we get victor in very quickly listener. Victor or historian own You met eugene from ghana on our last selective singles. Are you still dating. We are yeah. Is it really on. Its on like the break of dawn. We'll we'll have to confirm with with eugene as calling me jeanie jeanie off. Let me know he's here but we're going to start today. I f don't remember. I have people on They come onto the program and then they get Thirty seconds before they fucked the face by cuba just to get the fuck out. And that's what we do with pain console Do you have a thirty second time or you can start for me. Because i don't remember where i made those sound effects. I don't know where they are now so just thirty seconds so we'll just sort of feel it out but to start things out. I want to bring somebody into the program longtime listener. First-time caller ladies and gentlemen. All the way from palm springs california. Please welcome to the show. Don ladies and gentlemen don is a deer one of my dearest friends in the entire world and also a dear friend of nicole of milan. Insa jay say hello don missing guy so much. Oh we're talking to us like this because you know us all but you also listen to every episode of the program every episode of the program and you guys say meet through. Kobe and i enjoy my conversations with each and everyone of be separately. But this is like my favorite having in my life is my favorite. So don l. Dawn will text me after. He listens to the episode every episode with his thoughts his opinions. How much love each when he disagrees with us And when we did selective singles just let me put a pin in it. How excited you. About the fact that i'm buying i'm i'm moving to the desert and that nicole boyer is also getting housing desert. Oh my god. I text with nikki this morning and that was the best thing to wake up to that. She's moving here are how raw by yesterday again. Just to check on things. Make sure that it was still okay. How you dinner in palm desert looks every time i go i just love it more and more and actually work texting because i wanted to come visit a stop. Y'all gonna move out there too and maybe malone one of these days till on my god. I can't wait malone i. That's going to be a harder sell if we all do it together. I think we'll we'll get that. Thank you in the desert. You're like a desert queen malone. That's a down called niba to actually believe that you are the desert quaint titles already been taken by a dawn who lives in palm springs. A desert queen texts me every after every episode of dundas after the very first selective singles. said Ross why wouldn't you have me on it. I'm single. And i need help meeting people. I will tell you now there are. I put the thing out on social media just before we started recording like not five minutes ago and said hey. Now's the time everyone come. There are highly almost one hundred people in here rating right now to just to get on and i chose don i because you are a dear friend and you you you really Were hurt when. I didn't let you get on selective singles for the first time you member how this works right. You get thirty seconds to plead your case Of what you who. You are. What you looking for and then cupid fox in the face. Are you reading. I got it ready. Luck alright a dawn. Please begin while i am really excited at the opportunity to be able to meet somebody that hopefully i can at least begin a relationship with I would love to find somebody that is as career driven as i am. I am extremely excited about hanging out with friends and family. I love dinner parties. But i also like to go to a party myself and i am a dog lover. I have one dog per name is freda and she's my life. I really enjoy cooking mexican food. Sorry time's up. You've been fucked in the face by cuba. We thank you the best. Darned if people wanna find you. How do they do it. They just mean karaoke. And then come up to you and say hi. How do we do at media. I don't do social media.

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