We're Testing Out Vintner's Daughter Products So You Don't Have To



If i used my face as an experiment and i did a thirty day. Vintner's daughter challenge where i only used. Let me say this with a caveat. I'm going to kind of build out. A smaller skin-care richmond. But i just thought why. Don't i just use these two products on my face after cleansing and see what happens. So that would be their active treatment essence and then they're active botanical serum and then. After thirty days. I would report back on. What if anything had happened now. We're not doing this in conjunction with them. They don't know they don't know about this. I feel like. I've pitched something like this to myself before but i've never followed through but evan i i have right. I love the idea of pitching something to yourself for kate. Here's an idea. But i think i've even said this on this here podcast but like i was just looking at the products. You know. it's to products. So i was like i could really. I could scale down to a cleanser. This active botanical Excuse me there. And their serum and just see what that's like to live thirty days with like three steps and then of course sunscreen with the caveat that i am probably going to want to exfoliating once a week and also have an extra moisturizer on hand in case i feel like the serum is not enough so i have embarked on this journey today dory And i started this morning. A and i'll everything's changed. My face is completely different. Wow i'm a new one. No everything is citing my face. My skin feels amazing. I'm probably going to keep a couple cleansers on hand to depending on how my skin feeling. But i i was really thinking like i m fifty out. My medicine cabinet my overflowing with products. Look a blessing from a blessing from doing the show. But so yeah. So i was gonna i was gonna give that a go They're vintner's daughter. Describes their active treatment essence as a hydrating formula that delivers radiance and renewal to all skin. So i've started that today.

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