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Human okay well. Let's not tantalize our listen any longer and we'll we'll start by discussing teams of the JAPS. I he was to kick us off with what they thought about that I might as well yeah. I I loved it. It was one of the best bits of slices doctor who for me. casino is a bad day missed. I've enjoyed the show since Vincent. Dr sets quite some time. that was kind of my fairly long running yeah favorite episodes of the Mo- fits here would say I didn't then okay. I can't quite articulate. Roy in some ways as I can. I noticed that some of the same folks that we've seen in in some of the other episodes I chatted with friends who've happily being the pick plus so in it but but for me the way I tend to engage with these things if I'm enjoyed the story actually engaged with the characters and the plot then I I can put these in these are the kind of things to one side and just just really get interested and and absurd. It's up for me Paul. What I saw I saw Jones reaction before I watched it which unfortunately set my my expectations slightly to about I did I did know blaming you. I'm obey and I I was very pleased. I think the I mean another thing the five less than glowing about this episode. It's not mainly down to Giles East down coming after Rosa because I still that's still way up there. It was my favorite episode but this was a fast second and there's a pattern forming their. I'm wondering if when we to the end of the series the older historical stores have been my favorite and if so what will that tell me that definitely something something distinctive about the way they're approaching them isn't that I mean I know we've talked about the way that the stores would take him. No more subtle approach to the idea of Evil Villainy uh-huh had just general evidence agonised for the doctrine each each story but the historical ones the ones that are personifying that I think so yeah the subtlety which had his best series subtlety is something you appreciate at its worst. It's when it is an absence absences something well more dramatical melodramatic been used to for fifty years so it's not it's not entirely a positive saying that I spent the last few years thinking that they program was too over the top wishing drain some the Colorado fit but anyway we're supposed to this episode I thought it was very nice piece of drama and probably a better piece of Dr who than Rosa just to make that comparison again because the the science fiction strand of the plot I felt was more imaginative taste better integrated and more and more surprising had trump twist which which is nice so and I don't. I hope because they're saying that the the main plot was delightful well. I think he's past the halfway point in the series. I think it's time to stop beating around the Bush. I think by fuel reviews guys are actually more interesting than what I saw on the screen taming of the Punjab ever society but I found it unbelievably dull this razor had had a point to it in the cree with trying to stop doc someone preventing a very important part of American history happening. They swamped bearing in mind. It was say people and story. Driven didn't didn't really have strong roles. The characters involved and this is. GonNa sound harmless but I couldn't really care less about someone going. I'm back in time because of a broken watch. Unfortunately it just didn't do it for me. At all again. it's a science fiction and fantasy and she showed the aliens in it. Rutley pointless again. It's another alien character probably worth of plus forty million scoring and scrabble so I just I just couldn't I couldn't see the point of them being in it and if you can have it story and people driven then give all of the companions the friends strong role to play. Yes doesn't seem to have any screen presence to me. I think I can and say that now having watched beyond the halfway point in the series now she just doesn't help screen at I don't know if it's the script or the or the actress Ryan was badly part of the scenery all the way through the episode the best character it was prim- I think he was the Hindu guy shot at the end that was that was a poignant moment but I'll just just wasn't it. Just didn't greet me real real letdown. I thought Rosa was fantastic as well that was really tightly plotted and and there was a real countdown with that that bus journey that was a but attention there but I just didn't find. I just didn't find this story involving. It's all so yes arguably is a very important policy history as well just just like American civil rights but the story and the characters in the roles of the friends and the scripts scripts. I just didn't think it was powerful enough to get across the the you know the consequences of the partition of India so I didn't do it so for me. I'm afraid Oh the other thing I've read lots of gushing praise about the filmography well it was filmed in Spain say I think people feel let down if I check that out and then the part where they cut away to the woods and they found the the alien captial whatever it was that looks like exactly the same woods just they used in the woman he felt earth when Ryan again came across something alien in the woods as well so that could it could have been very high brow and very satisfying but it was so dull I sucked. They're picking it to pieces unfortunate. Sorry guys okay so so I suppose I fill four somewhere in between I mean I I actually really quite liked the lack of action in sort of slow pace and the fact that it was. It's a character piece. That didn't bother me at all. I was Bravo with Rosa. I I felt like I could have been quite happy with this being pure historical yes. I felt I felt that the the the aliens didn't really add a huge amount and Simon's going to shake his head this because they were the only threaten threaten it well apart from of course from from the Hindi phonetics but but yeah I mean I could quite happily watch. AM carried a piece for for forty five minutes and so quite the aspect of it and Graham thought was had a lovely scene in it chatting in a way to to Yasay Simon. I mean as far as far as as yes is concerned mandate Gil I mean she's got a Yorkshire accent so sell straightaway. She got off to when when she she told the knew all the characters and the woman I felt I thought what a great idea so probationary police women can be a strong character lots of zest and Gutsy and it just hasn't Napn since then and this story was all around her family and what had happened in the past to to get grandma and yes to where they were in present-day present-day Sheffield and it. It just didn't hold my attention fortunate you know I I love. I Love Vincent and the doctor as well. They like character-driven stories but I'm just all these all these stories they lack of lack of attention and lack of menace. We'll talk about this later about the direction the script in writing and the guy but you still gotta grab hold in some windy view is no people's attention because if someone asks sorry guys if someone else out time is about us you know what. Dr Who all about you wouldn't describe something like demons or the pungent possibly not even riser and I want to pass on the torch to to new fans to the shy feel slightly the different about but we'll we'll move onto that demons of the Punjab I I think that's been the weakest one of the series safe off interesting. I I don't disagree with your criticisms. It was slower than it needed to be in the character or characters ones quite as vivid as could have been but you know I'm so used to to that with this current series. That's that's almost become a new baseline for me so I still giving it a bit of a pass because doing something different but as is the second historical in a row where the ducks has not been trying to do something but trying to prevent something it's it's really flagging up a bit of a floor consensual floor for me there floor consensual existed for most of the history through this program with historical. Delta's into the future presidents future. He can change the events in the past he comes and based on nothing more than the fact that we know near that is in the past in our history folks who it's it's never made any sense. Russell oh how to go fixing it with his fixed moments in time and that appears to other than using that phrase that appears to have been kept as yeah well yeah I think in Rosa we wasn't unacknowledged fixed point in time here. It's the father's Day version of time travel into the past where you con change things because it's your own pass and credit paradox so really they are the only two different versions of restrictions travel into the past museum insane and they've used them both up and so fell so I'll be interested to see what happens in the next which I think is next week because they they can't reuse again. They've got to stand around treating the past a bit more like the future vice versa because otherwise is creating artificial distinction. I think which the viewers will notice if you do it too often so the doctor I'm presiding over the marriage led to prims definite because it offended did because it was a marriage of two different religions Hindu and Muslim that offended that offended some of the locals and he's younger brother yet the yet the think the holy man who they found dead on the tracking the woods it would have been him he would have presided over the wedding so the doctor intervened and kill you telling me that the whole wouldn't have been killed if the doctor hadn't been there is that it was just just just been running a try not to look into it too deeply. It was just trying to think about this policy of non-interference. Just let you touched upon Paul. I think I think we're supposed to believe events would have regarded that whole thorny tony issue. I won't get into this here but one version time travel is these events happened once without the doctrines companions there and and when they turn up now that's a different version they have to go back to the future to version where you have to keep in the shadows and not be seen in our influence anything not flies but the end the other version is that they were always is there is the the known which is the deterministic version so which means they can't. They can't chain not sure what I think about that. We could do a whole episode of mechanics time travel that version suggest to me that they can't change anything if they were always there then. They don't need to worry about not exactly because they wouldn't be able to. I thought if that's those events would transpired anyway. If the doctrine friends come back there anyway and Tamale cynical mind having at Loyola upset very much. I thought well that makes it even more pointless..

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