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All right. let's let's flip to some questions here because we have to get going How about we take this. First one from michael garcia will moody be there for the sacramento kings and number nine. He might not. I would say his range is probably seven to twelve thousand thirteen. I think it's thank you does air. I could see orlando taking eight. Maybe just as shooter that would make sense to me if they like. Gopher gamble at five cut a solid shooter at eight. I think that's his range for sure he could be. There could be not. He's more twelve twelve alike. Sixteen range for me. I think that'd be a little bit of a reach for moody. I don't know that like moody's not quite the like rangy flexible athlete. Like he's a pretty solid. Catch you guy to me. He he seems more likely to. He's not going to like blow anybody away with like explosiveness like finished like a wild crazy mikhail bridges type finisher or anything like that. Of course. that's a special player. But i expect him to be more of a like getting the mid range and create his own shot sort of a out more of a physical job creator than like a fast fly round guy for sure his breath letting nick eller who is more likely to be picked seventh giddy folk night or giddy. Getty's oh i would say yeah. Book night is pie. Beat five six or seven giddy as as a wider range. Probably of teams. Who would go. I would think yeah. I was surprised that you guys didn't bring up both night of with the yukon question. Well i mean. I've only seen maybe ten minutes of him enough justin or pretty much. There's a lot of just pass pass pass isolation just running into a crowd of defenders and maybe getting fouled and. I'm just like this guy. i mean. If you're playing group chat bingo at home we've talked about justin's pellets experiences and yukon. Just go ahead and take that free space. You're almost there is. What do you think about dim brown. Do you think the he was the top ten. Pick in this underrated under high of joe. Brown scored like sixty points in a game anyway. Yeah i mean geeze. Downside is the shooting. I mean if the shooting is there it'll unlock a lot for him like he's talented. Big playmaker great feel But the the shoots. He's just got an awkward shot. Whoever takes him but he has. He shows some touch. It's just a big question mark in for a player like him. I think it's tough. Because he's he doesn't really have the types of pluses that you could get away with it So but i mean book night. Yeah book nights kind of one of those guys that we were talking about. Maybe who's over hyped. I don't totally understand it. I mean the shot creation signs are there but he's not really a consistent shooter from three like is he a guy that's going to be like a secondary playmaker type of type of player. I i don't know i. I'm skeptical on book nights. You probably lower than most people honestly high goes back to your motherboard thing. I think back at the beginning of the pod like book nights the guy who can buy score eighteen points anywhere just a very creative score so at a good team. Haven't got the benches really valuable. 'cause was eighteen free points on a bad teams. Having guys jacko bunch of shots in that regard new it's not that valued. Yeah like i. I think there's some other guys psych shock legit shot creators in this. I mean there's an outcome where like i mean. Bones highland is a pretty talented shower. Gator Well i mean cam says the guy brought up the other day. That is a pretty town josh. Christopher is a really if you're going to just talk about gaza. Ding going gonna come in Josh christopher he's the type of guy he thinks he's the best player in the draft. I guarantee you like he's like he's like lani. Walker type like could go crazy and gopher thirty or he could go for two for eighteen. And you know he's he's that type. I would say the difference between book nine. Those guys is book nights and older player. A little more experience and kind of play in a system whereas if you draft josh christopher cam thomas. They're coming in the game and taking shots that's how they play basketball inside with book. Mad at least you can be part of a system whereas those two guys. I mean camp. Thomas i think he had the ncaa record for fewest assists based on field goal attempts like ever. Here's like seventeen shots and one. Assist it preposterous. He's a squirrel. Opens up a window. Talk about the warriors. Here they are one of the more fascinating teams in this draft. Do you guys think just rob just from a big picture team building perspective. It would make more sense for them to take these two picks number seven and fourteen or are you in the camp that they should be trading them as much as possible. Get a veteran in there. And take advantage of the window a steph. It would make most sense the trade them but they're in a similar position to where they were last year. Where if bradley beal isn't available and we're talking about detroit. These picks for basically role players. I don't know that that makes a lotta sense for them either. So they're kind of in awkward middle ground. Where unless things developed with. Bill really quickly. I think they're going to have to make these picks and hope that they choose the right guys and that puts them in a really interesting position in terms of intel. Like do pick the players you want or do you pick the players. You think the wizards might want or do you hope that. There's some overlap between those two things. Yeah i mean it's gonna be a challenge for golden state like they're going to have to if they keep these picks. We're not going to be sure things throughout the develop. These guys get minutes. Get them the right kinds of roles or in their careers and the the obvious conflict. It's like oh. I have my top seven. Pick needs to play this role on the team is like we have steph in clay draymond. There's no time for like roles at the team when you saw with wiseman this year these bench him more and more because it's like we got a win right now. We can't afford a kind of slow you along. So it puts the top position So teams can afford to have like remember like the danger room from x. Men where they had like that that fake simulator thing where you could go in there. Some teams are bad enough where you can like the results matter like the warriors are like no this is like you gotta you gotta be battle ready right now like we can't play we can't develop you. We don't have that kind of time. I was trying to think about like trade partners for them. I mean yeah. Washington kinda makes sense. I was wondering like indiana. Do you think indiana could be a team that would like would they be interested in picking it seven and fourteen and moving off of like a like a brogden like lover like maybe even a jeremy land this with rick carlisle and charge. The answer is not like trying to bring in young players. That was amount of indiana request number thirteen. Let's quote and trade. This sure does learn from draft perspective though because both the warriors and the magic both have to lottery picks and is interesting to see the types of players that people mock them for because almost wonder like if you pick a certain type of player with your i picked. Do you go in the opposite direction with your second so if you pick the safe thing at seven do you gamble a little bit more at fourteen orgy. Covert vice versa. Like if you're the warriors and in urine a particular situation are you distracting. Best player variable. You need the talent. You'll figure out later. I think for golden state then with commingle is going to be one of the most fascinating storylines if they have available seven. Will they pull it sugar in the high upside guy who could maybe develop into a star or go for a safer player and then i mean it's it's fascinating. Think about coming gun..

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