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And they don't actually realize that it's done with an auto tune if it was not possible to sing like that until somebody did it with a machine and then somebody else thought well. It's possible so i'll do it. In the case of the first example where you're removing bits of information. Would you say that the random aspect of the process is always work for you. I like things when there's a layer of surprise. I suppose and it's not because i have this. John cagey and faith in randomness for him. It was a sort of religious feeling that randomness tied you into the synchronicity of the world. Somehow by using randomness. You allowed the state of things to affect your work. It's a nice idea. And i like it and i respect in his work for me. It's a way of searching a musical space that i wouldn't do using just my taste taste tends to propel you into the same areas over and over again. The interesting thing about randomness is sometimes. You're taken somewhere that you didn't expect to go. And sometimes that turns out to be a really interesting. New place so randomness for me is really just a tool just a way of taking me somewhere different. So it's not random for the.

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