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Daughter India. Is are you kidding me she's trying to find her so I see, this special because. She's trying to help find India so oxen Berg believes India was also part of the. Sorority where smallville actress Allison Mack allegedly groomed the slaves to. Pleasure reindeer keeping them on strict diets and burning his initials into their skin again like that New York Times article said. Last year And apparently they're on restrictive diets eight hundred calories per day in controlling these women now caffeine oxen burgers releasing a book about her crusade. To save Indian next? Week so, there is, a book that's coming? Out this money and you. Catherine oxygen Burg has feel terribly terribly guilty because she brought India to a. Seminar right that he had and she paid like thousand dollar per. Person, I mean right away that's a red, flag. Right you Hello about how they do whatever and India was very. Taken, with it because of whatever the message was with Beyond Catherine Sandberg just. Thought it was kinda harmless but never went back but her daughter got now Now now now an update on India it, seems that she may be in the east. Village in New York City working on, a vegetarian restaurant but she's. Still heavily involved in this. Colton when you watch some videos online there some YouTube videos of, rain you're talking with, Allison Mack it's very seductive If you're in that mindset as much as it's, like they're trying to empower you put Scientology. Exactly Laurie there's a lot of language, in Nexium that is similar. To that of Scientology's so. That is happening The state, line, because. Now, I wanna make sure this is on Monday at, nine o'clock our time is called a, mother's mission dateline so that's when the special is airing yeah we get we get a DVR that yeah absolutely now moving on to some. Other, headlines of the day national enquirers running a story, that says Dionne Warwick is very mad at her family because of some of the allegations that have stemmed from, the, Whitney Houston. Documentary spoken on record well it doesn't look like she's necessarily spoken on record but apparently, according. To the National Enquirer Dionne Warwick furious over claims that young Whitney Houston was molested by Dion sister Dee Warwick and. Now it seems like if you're to believe the National Enquirer the Warwick has said never and I mean. This ever forgive she will not forgive family members who made the shocking charges. In the documentary Britain.

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