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It's really funny I flew in at midnight and to which I've never done before. And was coming home from. You know, really fun weekend. And I go down to the baggage claim, and I have noticed this guy walk on the plane, and so he had to walk out three at the baggage claim, and we started talking and there he goes I noticed there. And I said, well, I noticed days numbers. He helped me Jerry like that back to the car that was. That was waiting for me. We exchanged numbers and either tech saying last night and this morning, and I think we're going to go. Are you kidding me? That's amazing dot com right there. But definitely it was it was a fun. You both live here. He gets are both local, and he goes back and forth. Ber word from where he was Brown jersey front where he's from Lake City Salt Lake City. Okay. Is he Mormon? I ask you know, to Salt Lake City Utah of when there was one which is. Any religious? I. The baggage claim was a little premature for that. Sure. If it goes. Well, I mean, you could be one of his wives. You could be the next. That's where he was. I going to cause some problems here. Do you? Let me ask you very I just want to put this out there. He was not in first-class was he he was okay. Okay. Make sure that he's not saying, hey, she's a rich girl. You know, you get a car picking you off your first class. I mean. Well,.

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