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They and what about districts that were already in a whole due to strikes by Tacoma? For example, goes Keith Eldridge has been looking into this. And Keith is good enough to join us on the KOMO news. So Parenti this is an issue Keith that is at the very least been brought up to the superintendent of schools. Tell us what's going on. Chris reykdal. He says there is a way to waive some of those require days right now tools need to go one hundred eighty days in Tacoma. It's going stra overtime and air. Now. In puyallup. Are we sit at this point? It's gonna go into June twenty fifth because of the closure today. And if it's close tomorrow, it'll be June twenty six so the question they have is can they wave some of those days with the emergency proclamation of the governor? There's the potential that the days can be waived says the superintendent of public instruction for the state. But. Also says there is no way to waive the minimum one thousand hours of student instruction. So they're going to have to figure out he says how best to accomplish that. Now, if they could be waived, can you get that done? They have to shave into the mid winter break, but not unheard of to cut short the spring break for some districts, if they definitely need to or just keep going on into the summer like at this point. Did also have teachers strike come as you mentioned. And so now, they they're really stuck in the fact that every day they're closed. They just have to tack on the other day. But superintendent says it would take legislative emergency action to limit or eliminate the one thousand hours minimum. However for a lot of the districts, they can go less than one hundred eighty days, and that kind of an automatic thing they can ask for with the state, and they'll get it. But again thousand hours you need to be in that classroom. Getting that instruction Keith's Mr. Reich doll bring up is there any possibility. They would ask kids to spend a few Saturdays between now and the end of the school year in a classroom to try to make up that time Saturday school has definitely been brought up. He doesn't know of any districts that have actually done that. And the question is do you want to give up your Saturday or do you want to give a few days of summer talked to one parent and Olympia where it was coming down really heavily today. And he. He was at home. A day off of work because kids are at home with him and the daycares are all closed for the same reasons. Schools are and he says it's becoming a hardship on parents, and you know, Saturday school might be an option, but he says when you go into the summertime all of a sudden cover vacations are impacted if you have trip from camps have certain schedules so Saturday school possibility, but the superintendent says he hasn't heard of that drastic of an action is yet another kind of mess related to the weather. We've been having over the last week. Komo's Keith Eldridge joining us from Puyallup key. Thanks so much. And CNN is reporting right now that GOP Senator Richard Shelby says negotiators have reached an agreement in principle.

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