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Taking him from there to the dignity care center. The procession will take that to 6 10 north loop to L. A toe West 34th Officer Lee out, died of covert on Friday. Briana Tierra Johnson That is the name of the 28 year old woman who's deceased body was found in the trunk of a car after a police chase in Chambers County yesterday. The driver of that vehicle Victor Campbell, is in police custody. Someone stole the tractor on Thanksgiving Day from Hope farms. They teach people how to grow healthy food and provide healthy produce for school programs. They're $40,000 cub who booted no see, Randy would know how to pronounce this Kobo to be X 18 80 tractor. It was a donation last bringing on Thanksgiving Somebody stole the tractor recipe for success is taking donations on their website. If you're looking for somebody to help on giving Tuesday another loss in the courts of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for the president last night. Congress is going to be returning this week whether to do list that includes preventing a government shutdown. Congressional and White House negotiators have until December 11th to approve a government spending plan. During the Thanksgiving recess. Appropriator struck a tentative deal on top line funding numbers, but differences remain over specific programs and whether or not an emerging deal could also lead to a breakthrough. On long stalled coronavirus related economic stimulus. Top Republicans and Democrats say they prefer an omnibus of package funding all government departments to the fiscal year instead of a short term continuing resolution. Jared Halpern. Fox News Ktrh News Time is 803 Know Texans game today they played on Thursday. They're gonna host the Colts next Sunday. Other teams that we're going to play If the winless New York Jets can defeat the Miami Dolphins today, and the Atlanta Falcons can beat the Las Vegas Raiders. It puts the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers in position to clinch a playoff berth on Tuesday when they take on the Baltimore Ravens. Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady will go head to head today is the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Speaking of quarterbacks brain and Alan will be a Q B for the Cincinnati Bangles as they host the New York Giants, while Mike Glennon will get the start for the Jacksonville Jaguars as they face the Cleveland Browns. This as Mitchell True Biscuit will be under center for the Chicago Bears as part of a Sunday night showdown within the NFC North facing the Green Bay Packers. Matt Napolitano Fox News. Oh, hey, well, man trip in there is a new documentary about LSD advocate Timothy Leary's love life was Joanna Hart Cord Smith, a government pawned to bring in the high priest of LSD. Timothy Leary. That's the premise. My psychedelic Love story. The documentary from Earl Morris details the rollicking past of the rich, Beautiful heart. Curt Smith, who meets lyric during his exile in the early 70 When I was 18 years old, this friend of mine Nam Steal the introduced Me to Timothy Leary affords a bond that found them careening from Afghanistan back to the U. S and into US. City. That's when Leary decided to go from LSD guru to FBI informant and the pair lived under the witness protection program until their break up the doctor's own show time. Michelle Pelino fax knew that is gonna be at eight o'clock. Earl Morris and American film director His 1988 the Thin Blue line cited as the best most influential documentary ever made. News on the bandit ktrh dot com. Gonna have another updated 8 30. I'm Nikki Courtney on Houston's news, weather and Traffic station news radio. 7 40 ktrh. Okay, I stumbled in the very last second about the hope Farm story. Yes. Okay. How can we help Garlic Because we have connections with the best combo to dealers in town. Okay, so breathing. Let me just go with that story again. They had. They were given a $40,000 combo to be X. 18 80 tractors a donation in the spring, and that has allowed them to triple the yield of what they are able to grow and what they do. They teach people how to grow healthy food, how to grow healthy produce, and they give a lot of what they grow to different school programs on Thanksgiving day. Somebody went in and stole their tractor. There's a special place in hell for someone like that. I think that there is and so they're asking if if it is possible if you could help them out with a donation. Well, yeah, we need to just hook them up with Hunter and and already over. It lands down Moody. So if you're listening this morning and you're affiliated with hope, forms hope email me real quick, Simple. Just go to Randy Lemon calm l e m m o N or get into the ktrh Web pages right now, while I'm on the air and send me an email getting some details and let's get you guys hooked up. I could no promises. But there's gotta be a way to help these people out with our connections. Because land sound movie is the biggest combo to a dealer and all of the United States had a Christmas price and compote is the best tractor too. Have they already knew that? Yeah, So let's do that. Okay, So if you're listening out there, I'll do some reaching out this coming week as well. And let's see whether we can get these two hooked up this story set aside and we'll see what we can pick up talk about next week. So, speaking of think about this, though, for a minute if you are a yard inner out there like me, you know your geek like It could be anybody in the family. You'll also want to keep in mind Lansdowne Moody's website L m tractor dot com Because they do all steel as Thl Steel is the best..

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