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John lewis jason mraz had bly dale live at wiped dale loyd could you bring him over here sitting down at the star table former he's rebel that come on over there a gruesome whereas and his as friend i didn't know that they will friends did not know the marketing of mark i've been hanging for a little while i wonder when the dad knew about romance irb um he actually got me a gigs singer with a billy joel in san diego wow that's helpful yeah very helpful as a we let we really connected and he's been just as several shows so it's nice to get to know agai you already had a hit record on the radio at that time oh yeah this was just last year on just zero we we got to know each other last year i i don't even know if you remember the first time we put you on the radio in new york you had a brand new record out and he l too yeah it was not years ago not amazing how long hours at fifteen years ago my not just a young boy ha now i realize that the euro a man of many towns but when did you decide you wanted to do broadway oh i got invited to do it only a few months ago i i wasn't pursuing and i did not nation member of dr do you eight never occur argued near belle it did occur to me when i was a kid ran with an highschool um i was very nervous yes very 'cause the show has been a hit for already a year and a half and i wanted to make sure it stays that way um but my good friend cerebral us who wrote the music can't hauled and asked if i would consider being in the show and i said absolutely in a spin so how long after what was the rehearsal like i had about three intense weeks while being very very nervous yet but then what the audience came in it was it was perfectly and we don't drought audiences hey mike audiences but it's a great show i feel like every night i'm just there to do some stats company and seeing some beautiful songs to help.

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