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Regret it. We are back with Matt Boyle, Washington political editor for Breitbart dot com, read his articles on the rest from his colleagues at Breitbart dot com. It's not just sleepy, creepy who's getting grumpy. It's also the speaker of the house with shockingly PBS's Judy Woodruff. Eric, Would you please kindly play video cut number four play video. Or the president, United States to degrade Once again. The White House, as he has done over and over again by saying is going completely politicize. It is something that should be rejected right out of hand again. Notion monitoring not serious thinking, and that's well. It won't happen. Let's put it that way. Whether it's Legally wrong, ethically out of the question. It shouldn't even been something that was expressed notion. Mangal stop him! Who does notion? Manga ring in the last four years, my boil. Look, I moved out when I heard there was over all about Foreland. Um, so with regard to Portland, the eye, the president saved the city of Portland by forcing the governor and the local officials there to send in the state and local police right, like so they had a stand down order. It was whiskey because the presidents and in the federal officials after 60 days of anarchists besieging the city. I had Stephen Miller on my show the other night and from the White House, and he weighed all of this out very clearly, and the left is trying to engage in revisionist history. That's what Pelosi trying Teo the rest of these folks, but we have a crime wave in the United States, 36 cities a double digit increase this year. By the way, it's worth noting there all Democrat run. Yes. Everything one of them. Okay, so a double digit increase in in the homicide rate, Okay in the murder rate, So the thing is that the crime wave across the country right now being perpetrated by the Democrats again, I cards everybody Go listen to Stephen Miller interview that we did because he weighs on how cancel culture The West deformed. It's fueling the West deform the police narrative, which is then causing The crime wave. So the way to stop the crime wave is to increase the law enforcement presence. And that's what the president's doing through whether it be sending in federal officials to Portland over there. Peter Operation legend. They're working with these other cities across the country. Chicago Albuquerque, etcetera. Waking waking people. Listen, working People hear your interview with Stephen Miller right on Breitbart dot com. We've had it up there last day stuff. Excellent In the last minute we have with you given what you've just said. Given that the chief of police in Portland has just said Enough is enough, and this is not you get caught unquote racial justice and this, he says. As a black chief of police in the last 60 seconds. We have Matt how much is the election in 88 days, Simply going to be about law and order in America? 100% about law and order. If you want safety and security, and you want to be ableto live and not be in our risk of being one of those increased homicide statistics, then you go for President Trump. If you want to unleash murder and mayhem and chaos across upon your community than Go ahead blow for the Democrats. Elections have consequences that Barack Obama said he was very right about that. I will give him credit. He was right about the fact that elections have consequences. And if you go for Democrats It will be unleashing murder and mayhem upon your city. Chaos, murder and mayhem, all making America Great again. It's a simple choice. We have another deadline. 88 days to get Matt boiled back on Twitter. Tag him every single day. We need him back there. I'm Sebastian Gorka. Safe travels about this Is America first on the Salem radio network from the relief factor dot com studios. Relief factor. If you're suffering right now, if you're.

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