A highlight from 3412: American Crisis w/ Maddy Smith


Hello matteo's looking. What you're up to lately so much and when i went on google type in matty smith and i see on the right side pictures of course but this is a little embarrassing to say The bio was about madeline smith. An english actress. She was a model in the sixties. He was into comedy and horror movies in the seventies and eighties. Is it okay if i ask you questions about that. Of course let me tell you keys with every year. I'm diluting her her area of google. When i first started she was all over it. And now we're sharing the madeline. Smith page excellent. Your your husband rest in peace. I was thirteen years older than you right and he. He passed away when again. Nineteen nineteen forty eight wasn't like eighties eighties right. i always forget she's dyslexic. It's eighty-four maybe that's what i meant to say. Nineteen eighty-four right Mattie was like when did old people do things the roaring twenties using comedy and horror in the seventies and eighties. Right right right. She's not here to do. math key. can listen well. our matty smith is fantastic. A great Great comedian louis. Online sketches while the nowadays back. Congratulations thanks we'll talk about that. And the new. Podcast is called that time of the week job. Thank you title. Love it literally. Thank you and every single standup do. Every man brings her podcast. It's called that time of the month. I'm like you think that in of course every man like i can't remember his. You can't bitch you do you try the obviously. It's their fault but knowing what they do you try to be clear week repeated back or do you say you know what don't bother. I'll do my own thing i've seen. I've seen these introductions it's been done to me to where it's like. You know what thought worry right i could tell you. Write it down or don't worry about it write down. Don't worry about it. see. I used to see lately. I've just been saying mtv. Don't even bother with anything else because when you get brought up. Is that time of the month. Podcast think you're like you know you're like the period girl you know. I remember one of my first introductions. I had called a blog. I suppose. dot com and it was getting some popularity so i would tell the host. I'm mentioned the mentioned shade dot com guy. Goes up there and he goes. This person has a website shitty. What is would we need the magic way to keep the magic. The fumbling host before you go up is one way to be like okay. Let me dig out of this awkwardness. Thanks a lot right. That is that is the worst. Because there's a cleverness in that time of the week so not only does it take the cleverness away it takes any. I agree everything anything. Yeah it's just like oh hello walking tampon we need to know about your vagina and then you're a redhead. Oh dude they're looking at the hair they're like. Is that right or is it blood. It's the things are coming from wherever wherever you were talking on your podcast about john mullany. And how was your news stories and you were talking about how he got out of rehab. He he the the news of course is that as soon as he got out of rehab. He dumped his wife which a lot of people don't know this. The wife was also in rehab at the same time. She was in what for an eating disorder. Supposedly brought on his infidelity is that that was real. Yeah i thought you were leading into a bit bad for laughing. I'm like i wouldn't it be nice. If i'm being dom she was laying. You was laying him up. If i can go if i'm into rehab also and you're in rehab we get out of rehab. I don't know if you know how rehab works. Don't drop a bomb on me. Tell me when i'm in rehab. So that my rehab coaches can rehab me x one hundred percent right. I would like to speak to the other side of this. And i totally hear your point but if somebody dumps you right after they get out of rehab. Oh please please try to understand. I think they're doing a favor short. But do it in. But i but i also happen to be in rehab. Tell me to stay week longer. Conver- my rent for the next month. It might be traumatic. I'm the one letting go of you go in to strip clubs and not being shy about passing number round in front of other people. I you can tell me. I might need a couple more days for this. Use that your over me. Then you're dating. Olivia munn basically a supermodel. Mattie has a theory that It's all a pr move and it's fake because we don't know how to handle said dude being alone so we're not gonna wanna see them. Do comedies right. I'm thinking that because you know what the past blown up in ways that all these people are like john mullane. He's the one guy who i'm like. That's a really good person and now this whole rehab the divorce his teams like we got. We got to cuff him up to make them look like a good guy. He doesn't look like a wasn't he looked better guy if he was sober and sad and alone. Yes but old hollywood. They don't like that right. That's what i think we fake right i. I don't know. I think i think it makes them. Look more like an asshole. But i don't know it is weird these. We know what happens. These fake relationships that apparent affect the box office. Because you're so fucking stupid. I think regular shit but because we know we all know this one person you know. It's the you know like we had someone else had that this happen to and like bullshit happens all the time but when it happens to someone that a lot of people know it's like oh how did this happen. I don't know he's an addict who's just getting over his addiction. They they see that the first year after the addict become sober is worse than the rest of them. So enjoy that enjoy that. Olivia taken that under your bell. Also he's just. He's a male comedian. Forget wow seemingly a nice man. Male comics are sausage. Fuck with your boyfriend. Yes okay cowboy love chained to the radiator right. We can't let him out. You mentioned on your podcast. It's those sober nice guys right. Those quotes sober. Nice guys gotta watch for sober. Nice guys anybody talk about. They talk about in the community about john. Mullany in these is nice

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