Interview With Ayesha Curry, Cookbook Author, Entrepreneur


I should thank you for joining us. Welcome to skim from the couch. They hit for having me. I'm in a chair today. But that's okay. This is a very nice chair. You look very comfortable for those of you. Can't see her. she's an a very nice chair so you are a pretty public person. A lot of your life is documented. And i wanna start with. What is something we cannot go about you. What's a fun fact about you. Oh goodness a fun fact about me. Maybe you can google this. Maybe you can't i play. I can play the electric bass. Wow i started in the seventh grade. And i was in a jazzman for a little while. It's so funny. My side of the family is more on the creative arts side. like beater. drama. Move the whole thing. So i'm kind of well-versed in that side of life. So let's start there. Tell us about how you grew up. What was your childhood like. Yes so. I grew up in markham ontario canada and very proud of it. I love the fact that. I'm like one of those rare dual citizens that gets to be both canadian and american. And we're proudly. But i grew up in markham in a big jamaican family and markham itself is like this giant cultural melting pots islands always very well versed in involved. In many different cultures side. Grew up like jamaican food having weekend parties with my big family like all i know but then on the flip side of things with like watch bollywood with my friends. Bollywood movies in my friends and like learn. Bollywood dances and so i just grew up learning and knowing many different things which i think plays into the way that i cook a lot as well. I lived in canada until i was fourteen thirteen fourteen and then moved to north carolina to start high

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