A highlight from 2597 - Reclaiming America's Black Rebellion History w/ Elizabeth Hinton


It is wednesday may twenty six two thousand twenty one. My name is sam cedar the five time award winning majority report. We are broadcasting. Live steps and steps. From the industrially ravaged ghana's canal in the heartland of america downtown brooklyn usa on the program today. Elizabeth hinton so she professor of history and african american studies at yale. University professor of law at yale law school author of america on fire the untold history of police violence in black rebellion since the nineteen sixties also on the programmed making of law grand jury convened in the trump criminal probe. What do you get the ex president. Who has everything. His own grandeur. Meanwhile health and human services had the sarah calls for a follow up investigation on the origins of covid nineteen joe biden reportedly willing to have nearly have his infrastructure his infrastructure. Ask as the bipartisan kabuki continues surprise vaccine makers lobby other countries to oppose a patent waiver. Which would make it easier. For poorer countries to vaccinate their folks pentagon is accelerating its afghan exit. It was the wisconsin. republican party. Kills the state's medicaid expansion without any accountability in they're extremely gerrymandered state. And the heartwarming story of the us. Senate giving jeff bezos space ambitions. A bail out. Ireland quashes biden's global minimum tax proposal. Trump's epa apparently hib threats of a toxic herbicides and tony blinken announces one hundred and ten million dollars aid to gaza where four hundred thousand people have limited access to fresh drinking water. All this and more on

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