EU Asks Belgian Court to Fine AstraZeneca


The european union and vaccine producer. Astrazeneca are attempting to settle their differences in brussels court today. The e contends that astrazeneca has been slow to deliver the doses of covid nineteen vaccines was contractually obliged to and that at least fifty million doses the e. You should have had were sent elsewhere. Astrazeneca unsurprisingly disputes. This cynical souls have suggested that. The eu is seeking to deflect blame for a generally slow rollout of covid nineteen vaccines especially when measured against the progress of recent. You abscond e the united kingdom. Well joining me now. From brussels fronts twentyfold europe editor. Catherine nicholson She's joined also by independent legal expert. Get vancouver who is joining us from leuven catherine first of all to the basics of the case itself. What is the use case here in what of i hoping to gain from this i say the european commission signed a contract with seneca supply Vaccine doses at the end of august last year and it paid two hundred twenty four million euros astrazeneca a full ingredients for these vaccines in september of twenty twenty so the commission is saying that contracts to astra zeneca to deliver three hundred million indexes affects seem by the end of june this year But it's now expecting to receive just fifty million even the listens per we remember that astrazeneca said earlier in the yet they have some production problems therefore saving issues as we know with experts being restricted from various places around the world the european commission. Oversees saying this is not what they contracts it. That's their arguments And they are demanding. That's more doses be delivered And it's essentially arguing that astrazeneca's failed to honor contractual commitments. To deliver vaccine doses. On the other hand astra zeneca says that this case is without

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