A highlight from Amazon's Business of Everything - DTNS 4039


The current usb power delivery speck of one hundred watts so quite a bump this will be called extended power range but it also will require new usb c chargers and cables that a lot of. What's what's has sued. The government of india over its new laws passed in february. Going into effect may twenty sixth which requires messages to be put in a traceable database to identify unlawful content. What's up said. Those laws are unconstitutional and a violation of a citizen's right to the preservation of privacy comparing the traceability requirement to laws of mass surveillance bloomberg sources. Say that uber will strike a deal to allow seventy thousand drivers in the uk to organize as a trade union under the gm. Be labor group. This would give drivers the ability to collectively bargain with uber and preserve the ability for drivers to choose where and when to work. Tusla says it will stop building forward-facing radar sensors into its model three sedan model y. Suv's in north america and transition to relying on cameras for the driver. Assistance system company said that temporarily these camera only models will have the features like auto steer smart summoned an emergency lane departure avoidance disabled or limited upon delivery though the company plans to reactivate the features with a series of over the air software updates in jammies q. One earnings the company saw net profit increase over two hundred fifty percent to eight points. Seven point eight rather billion one which is about one point two billion. Us dollars with revenue up fifty four point seven percent

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