A highlight from Brian Leonard - I See You!


We have all kinds of yes from all over the world talking about mental health and we actually teach and practice skills because mental. Health is a practice. If i were a drummer a musician and mental health where practice. I wouldn't be with a band right now. I don't do it well. But i am getting more more aware of it as i get older and realizing the little changes little practices little things that we do everyday can make a big difference in mental health and just understanding just being aware of how our brain works. What's happening with with all kinds of stresses that are going on in the world real imagined and how we process our thoughts and feelings. This is what mental health is. It's how you respond. And how you relate to your your thoughts and feelings if you've driven off the road just listening to me now probably a good time. Put your seatbelt on. Put your emotional seatbelt on. Get your airbag in and let's Let's have a conversation about this. I want to tell you that our guest today. This is exciting for me This guy is was a great stand up. A wonderful host had radio show for longtime stand up for many years is also added to his repertoire. That of a creative director where he's worked with a lot of brands and a lot of storytelling teaching storytelling teaching about how to tell stories. How to connect with all kinds of things in the workplace. I know he's been doing work in that regard. And that's brian leonard. Brian is going to join us shortly. And this'll be. This will be a lot of fun. And i should mention to. He directed a short film festivals on alzheimer's and other issues called is you and we're gonna talk about how that came to be interesting stuff. I wanted to talk a little bit today about loneliness which is not an not a popular issue. Talk about not the most entertaining issue. We're gonna. I'm gonna make it entertaining. I am known as mister lonely entertainment. I am a lonely planet of entertainment is what of reviewers have called me critics over the years they've seen up and they'll say he's a lonely planet entertainment but loneliness is a big deal in mental health because it is the thing that isolates us from other people and once you isolate anything that you're or feeling it's very hard to have an accurate picture so all kinds of issues are exacerbated by isolation and loneliness so like to talk a little bit about that. Maybe and we can. We can explore a lot of other subjects to on the show stress the stress of re entering the world. We talked a little bit about this last week. Like to continue that conversation. Because i went to sit at a cafe with my daughter yesterday and i went to a neighborhood in in l. a. which has turned from an arts neighborhood into beverly hills. The shop that we went to it was a pudding store that did not accept cash. They only do it via apple. Pay and it's a store. And i'm not exaggerating when i say it's twenty five dollars for a bowl of pudding. Don't really know what to say about that. But it's never good to lease putting you should always be able to afford to buy it but this is really interesting changing neighborhood and community and how how our sense of community and reentering. The world is changing.

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