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I looked in the freezer to see what i could just give him that was playing and the only thing in the freezer was cheap stake so i thought it out and gave it to him it wasn't like i i went to the store and said my doggy needs stake i don't do that and i was like i got to the story struggle might argue need state but it's it's got to be cheap stay career that i look weird if it's not it's like i don't do that it's i i just i had to give him something and that was all i had an id fit the bill so i gave it to him and study using it on myself all right i i had that night out po anyway all right let's start fresh now what's going on it's has been a crazy week why friend my dad is in the did i think everything's okay but he's in a hospital he had pneumonia and the we thought that he was fine needs seen the doctor few timesin she giving him different medicines and things like that and it seemed like he was doing okay in then all of a sudden one day he was like coughing uncontrollably which you know you're pretty much coughing uncontrollably already when the monuc first hits but he was really uh spinning out of control and he couldn't breathe he said so they took him to hospital very scary thing it's not it's not ever not scary when somebody you love has to get into an ambulance so he got an.

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