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Comes to travel when when you have a year your your your customers and your clients that are using this U._g._C. content that they have curated through your your platform how important is the shoutout so that when they're writing the Post that they shout out or or recognize the person who took that picture or in many instances that not being kind of included in the slog where the comment that that goes with the post well. I'm happy to see that most France actually do give a shoutout and I think you should. It's a great way to just bill that relationship with people acknowledge that they are sharing something really positive about their experience and not to shut up the person back coming back again to your TACO. I'm going to be talking about talk. Shout out to the business tune so if you're losted why not shut out to the TACO business so that they can also share it with their audience so we really see an opportunity for robbery collaboration as well because you know good tourism any brand even if your lifestyle or some other kind of brand certainly there are other partners that you work with and why not each other up and so I am a big proponent of duty not no I. I think that's that's a that's a great idea and adds to everything that we've been. We've been speaking to around around the authenticity lascaze kind of question for me. I'm reading in this segment we like to I hearken back here to again member JANA here the O._J.'s but the founding of the Macintosh computer desktop publishing and all that and everybody said okay everybody is going to be a desktop publisher because they have this software on their on their computer question for me is have people gotten to be better photographers just kind of in general obviously your team's. Your algorithms are.

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