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Nine nine zero followed the barbecue smoke brush their freshwater to you too, man. Thanks. Appreciate. What's he saying that I was being negative is that way wanted to go positive? Crystal-clear say you were being dishonest. Well, that's refreshing refreshing. That would be weird just want to tell us about it. Well, and I can't even get onto too much about the freshwater report from me my spec season was a poor specs year. I can tell you that my fresh water fishing was negative was fantastic and actually show number two real animals TV launches this week coming up as we roll into the second quarter. We always do a second quarter launch of brand new episodes of real animals TV and season thirteen launches this week on FOX sun sports on W MOR TV at six thirty next Saturday morning. Fox Sports got us all over the calendar here. I think we're six thirty on Friday morning for our first one that's going to be a show out of Naples that I did that was really a lot of fun. We're Friday at four o'clock in the afternoon, then we're Saturday morning at eight AM. So as you come out of real animals radio, you can roll right into real animals TV. A little bit more captain Michael grew up your whole day. And then which I think that's a great time slot and then Sunday night Ron late at eleven thirty pm and then again Wednesday at seven thirty AM the following week. And then shown number two we actually named it Jurassic bass because I catch my biggest bass ever, and it was a big, and it was fun, and we just had a grey day out there. So that one's going to be a good show too. So we fish in the same place as you fish on a couple of times on the show on the same property different lake Saint property. So the property has quite a few lakes on reductive Fisher. It's a very productive fishery. Yes, we are out there in Polk County on private lakes, and we are kicking their Kista, which is a just a ton of fun. So much fun. Did what a spectacular place so great stuff for again season thirteen of real animals. TV got some really good shows coming you from South Seas island resort down there with Ozzy Fisher and the plantation on crystal river with my good, man. Mario Castel o and Blake and Klay Schadler. So we got all kinds of cool stuff got that hundred and thirty four mile one way trip offshore. We did right here out of Saint Pete. Which is got some epic pigs in it the greatest artificial ever seen in Venezuela Zana for myself. I don't know what we call it sixty or eighty of them, and we were eating lunch at the barbecue joint before noon fishing up. The craziest craziest morning I've ever seen. I've just never seen that many fish choked into one estuary that we I was literally just hard officials, dude, I'm pickle. I'm literally picking through my box of strike king. And mere lure going. I don't know this. This one's kinda ugly. Let's see a Philly that should in their they'd eat that one to you could see him pushing one another way to get to. It was crazy. My camera guys said at some of the best top water footage. They've ever seen anywhere. I mean, literally just pushing one another away chasing mere lure top dogs. She dogs. It was crazy. Just top water strike I've ever seen in my life was also out in. It was actually the Biloxi Marsh was in Louisiana waters to unbelievable top water fan. If they get going out there for some reason that dark water man, you get going on there something with a little noise and a rattling it in. It's insane. Place. I've ever been what red fish is kind of a trash fish. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Another one the red very special fishery. So be sure you tune in this week real animals TV season thirteen cranking up coming your way. We'll take a short break. We're gonna follow here with Steve in Riverview with our social anglers report. We got Tom in lutes as well..

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