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Captain Peter Berg stressor, says FHP statistics show 541 drug and alcohol related car crashes during the Christmas New Year's holiday travel period last year with Florida's news. I'm Jonah Kristen. High unemployment may re opening operation Warp speed, Provide sexual harassment. Come on, Attacking George plays 2021 dressing work here. History again. NewsRadio, 6 10 W y o d. Technology moves at the speed of innovation. And today that's lightning fast. So when you get your hands on the latest tech, don't forget to do the right thing with your old devices recycle them. The Consumer Technology Association and its members are making recycling your old tech device as easy as purchasing new ones. Just go to greener gadgets dot org's type in your ZIP code, and you'll instantly find the responsible recycling location closest to you. Home. You'll also find lots of tips to simplify your recycling like asking the store where you buy your new TV if they'll haul away your old ones. Television sets, video game consoles, smartphones tablets. They're all recyclable. Don't let them clog up your local landfill. Just visit greener gadgets dot org's. You're sharp enough to get the latest tech tools into your home now be responsible enough to get your old devices to the recycler that's greener gadgets. Daughter work. You were listening to Christmas at Ground zero, a special holiday edition of Ground zero right here. Christmas census conducted by a.

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