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Really sunny skies again less humid followed by a partly cloudy skies on Friday night sixty four degrees partly cloudy more people get their news from ten ten wins than from any other radio station in the nation Sarah Miller is our service aid Zach Newman is our studio producer Jack can say so is that the editors test on Paul James this you'll give us twenty two minutes we'll give you the world good evening ten o'clock time Paul James here's what's happening applause your talks with ten ten wins about how decisions are made when it comes to gradually reopening the city relatives of a teen who was chased and allegedly roughed up by police during a protest are calling for an independent investigation a cold case a deadly arsenal the city finally solved the fencing coach at Saint John's fired over racist comments if you were calling for the last few minutes the overnight this is Joan Dondero Bloomberg stocks posted sharp losses in nearly three months the Dow down get ready eighteen hundred sixty two points the nasdaq five hundred twenty eight when news time channel one traffic transit here's Rebecca missiles plus hearing things off in a Brooklyn the demonstrators there at the intersection of Bergen inventor bill they are starting to disperse in.

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