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Times is not classified. This is the biggest breakthrough information changing story. Oh what was classified. Oh let's leak out another video. Uso coming up out of the water. Well yeah that happened. But we're not sure what it is. I mean this is such a mind. Fuck that i don't even get. I do get it because most people are just okay. Whatever you say next kind of thing but there's no way this ties to any kind of the reality that we're talking about five. You said nine pages. It's five five pages and were to believe that this is a preliminary assessment it is by no means preliminary in it is by no means an assessment. It feels on both of those. I don't know. I don't get it well for me what i try and do is. I'm trying to transpose. I mind into the mindset of the military here. i'm trying to view this through the lens of the writer writers of the reports and the people that they saw really sending to the subtlety thing that you talked about at the beginning of when. You're writing for japan's. You read to know how to write it and write it in a particular way that part i get. Yep totally an. That's everything in a sense. If you're in that world. I was in that world when i was jane's editor I had to write on a line. If i wanted to write about out this stuff i had to write on the line and it took me a while to cut. That line was but once i knew it was. I stuck to it absolutely what those guys are doing in that. Uap report the writers of it a sticking to that line. They know that go too far. Either way they're gonna get a whole shitload of flack they'll just be gone. I mean it's not even that they'll get a flak either there working desk job processed out or whatever that is a career limiting move so actually what i felt that it did was very successful in the it it it it in its world it raise.

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