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Commercial real estate and the few Shaw click on that, And Here are the headlines. You will find within Half American, all the ships and clippers and see, Let's Go to France Flash. Today on the blogged. What's really happening in the commercial real estate world right now are futurist Thomas Fry is back. Why are young progressive women so unhappy? Take, Anderson has stepped back from his role on the Denver school board. The law of Unintended consequences is keeping remote workers from getting jobs in Colorado in the states extending unemployment benefits. Job searches are spiking, and here comes inflation. Israel is dropping the rest of their restrictions for co vid Major League Baseball's Getting sued for moving the All Star Game out of Atlanta. The ball boy with the big game he happened to be passing and thought she'd like some coffee. Now celebrating left wing violence is what passes for comedy Who knew all these other countries were so racist? This woman is bringing joy even after her death on a little bakery, Chisholm for a British conductor. Those are the headlines on the blogger at K Away news, radio dot com on the Mandy Connell page. Great videos today on the blogged. You know what, Dave, I I saw. I have seen the movie airplane. Oh, gosh. It has to be at least in the thirties to forties numbers of time. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. That was the first VCR tape that I did not return to a rental place, And then the rental place closed. So winning, uh, s so I got to keep it. So I had that movie on VCR tape forever and kids let me for the for the youngsters listening in our audience back in my day. When we were at home. We only had three channels. TV channels. That is, Oh, why didn't I just jump on the Internet? We didn't have the Internet, Young scamp. We had nothing. We had a thing. Gold of easy are, which had tapes that inevitably brew kidding, exactly the wrong moment. But I had the movie airplane on VCR tapes and we were bored. We would watch airplane now that I'm thinking about it. Maybe hundreds of times. I've seen that movie. Wow. At one point, I'm pretty sure I could do the entire thing along with the movie Like I knew all the lines. I knew everything. That and Tony on the barbarian with Arnold Schwarzenegger, right? Those movies. I know, right? I know. No accounting for taste of that time in my life, Dave Just letting you know. So do you still have a copy of the movie and I do not. But now I kind of need to get one just for for memory's sake. I don't even know what happened to that one. She I know your birthday's coming up real fooling. Dave is gonna get me a new copy of airplane. In any case, the whole reason I brought up that long, boring story is that I did not know that the coffee scene was a spoof on the movie Was that airport? What movie was that? That it's the original Gosh, I forget s so I had no idea that that was a spoof of another movie. Scene and it's perfect. I mean, it's a perfect spoof. But all the times I've seen airplane I never knew this until today. So thank you. For that. That video is on the blogged, a lovely a lovely honoring of the British conductor at the Florida Orchestra. And he thought they were gonna practice stars The Star Spangled Banner and instead for their British conductor of the orchestra breaks out and God save the Queen. That is so cool. I thought, Yeah, I thought it was very nice. Just the look on his face is priceless. He definitely appreciated which is always nice and then a ball boy at a North Carolina game. Started heaving the ball from half court and he made it. He made it three times. Swat's getting their step. But he kept what I love about this video more than the kids shooting. The half court shots is The crowd gets very invested, and by the time he it's the third one, they are roaring for this kid. This ball boy at a U. N. C game's got back arrived. His shooting style is somewhat non traditional. Well, that's why I use the word heaving Dave. There was a purposeful use of the word heaving because that's what he does. He heaves the body didn't shoot it. He loved it. He did any made it three times. Yeah. From half court. Um I love This little old lady and I'm never going to know her. She died in 2019 at the age of 97 years old. But Catherine Andrews seems like a lady. I would have liked to have known because when she went with John To pick out what was going to go on her headstone That would say something about her. So just a random passer by would really get a feel for who Katherine Andrews was. Just by seeing her gravestone. She decided to engrave her fudge recipe on the back of her gravestone, and I love this story. So very much. I mean so, so very much Case. Fudge is now on her gravestone in Utah. And if you want to do what you can, there was a typo on an earlier version, but they did fix it. You know what this reminds me of that There was movie Mr Saturday Night with Billy Crystal. Yes, plays a comic and Aziz aging. His 90 plus year old mother dies and he gives the eulogy at The funeral, and he says something like when I first heard That our mother had died. I immediately turned to my brother and said Did you get a recipe for potato kugel? Yeah, And that's what that's what people like that thing. And this is she has this woman has made it unnecessary to ask those questions right on the gravestone, and her daughter said that her mother always loved to make fudge for people to brighten their day. And she always had candy in her purse. And she was always that lady. It was there to make you feel better if something was going wrong, and I just thought that was lovely. Would you do something creative on your If you had a great stone, let's Yeah, instead of just the dates and brother and and daughter and my friend and that kind of thing Now that's boring. Uh, First. I don't think before you have a gravestone. Right? I'm not going down that route if I did, Okay. Do you remember the ad campaign by Tombstone Pizza? And Tombstone Pizza had the What do you want on your tombstone ad campaign?.

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