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As far as we need to go. Actually, I do. And it's it's just keeping up the traffic sounder. No. Wade Miley news first time, we've ever said that on this show is the breaking news sounder for Wade Miley. There you go better. What happened to the brewers game five starter? This was an intentional move. No. I really now it's gonna start game six now to that. Didn't look like a guy who was happy about this. Batter. Ken Rosenthal says removing Miley was the brewers plan. He will start game six. Did you see him? Was this the mind something or other the dodgers? Did you see him sort of forcefully throw his glove down in the dugout? He does not look I'm looking at his face right now. He does not look like a guy. That's happy about that somewhat. Interesting playing by your boy, counselor council you when he's not hard. He went with the okeydoke. Okay. Well, doesn't seem to be working right now. Because dodgers have of men scoring position with no outs. That was also they're playing values. Take the lead. Okay. I would assume with this interesting plane he was not supposed to walk the first. And last time he would see. Okay. Isn't this the Arnold Rothstein World Series or something? The first I will be paying attention to this day that I had previously not planned to pay much people's mind this game as if it's already been played. All right, then intrigue we're in the NFL CS, and it doesn't involve Manny Machado be in a trash can time now for the city, national, Bank, business and technology reports. Google is upping its maps game I on mobile on desktop pupil maps is adding an electric vehicle charging feature to the app that will give users information about.

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