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Michou is your face is buried into the palm of your palms of your hands but we need our low key banger. For the seventy two hour stretch. What is it my. I'm so upset. Because i did not know that the jails abortion fight was off until literally does moment. When you just don't make that was that was gonna be below key banger. Because no one was talking about it and that actually awesome was really great. So there's look guards bad this bill or card is saw that You know me my. I tried and true gameplay when it comes to low key baggers you picked to heaviest dudes and you say that's gonna be fun and can't even say that about bell towards made of it. 'cause check condo was the antithesis of fun that man doesn't know how to be entertaining at all he. He is first team walking off. The bus last team engaged performance. Like you don't want to watch this. Do fight ever so. There's no loki banger. From ballot or like nothing there is maybe. Talk me into the fabulous taylor. Johnson fight has just awful so a half to go then. I already talked about it. And i didn't wanna do it again. But it's easily the best flying weekend. I think far over the uc main anything bill towards doing sure of. Oh i guess they exist again. I don't watch that because by matan. I'll japan tokyo brandon. All that's dead fights awesome like that fight pantoja is. I'm really excited to see if pantojas still has stuff in the tank. 'cause yeah he's only thirty one years old man but this dude been fighting for like eighteen years. I actually think legitimately. He's been fighting seventeen years. He started like fifteen whatever And that's a long time like we all gave so much praise josie aldo for still being. Even maybe still being around where he was and he's been fighting for seventeen years. Pinchas doing the same thing in a lighter weight class. And that's so hard to do like fighters age really poorly the lower weight. You go basically. You can just see that trend across a heavyweight. You can be competent in your fifties like the lower. You way costs more difficult. It is and one thousand five pantoja seventeen years into the game. He still need coming off of a big win over up like. That's that's a big win. This dude is I'll have the us's rankings or rankings farther but i know that pantojas top five And vall should also be top five issue. Because he's he's not and that's really weird 'cause he's coming off a a essentially a title eliminator out like Both these dudes really exciting 125 is usually a good watch unless tasker ask Then go go take a smoke. Your next fifteen This fight is going to be all action and maybe the winner probably doesn't have been told you wins. He might well title shot even though he did just ask bras not long ago. I don't think he needs rushing to get askerov into into title shot. Frankly and beotia does have a win over current champion brandon marino. But i'm just excited to see it. Like if i only watched one fight this weekend it would easily be this one Both i do think the states matter to top five guys going against each other and i then just the incase product is is going to be fun like all is i mean that dude dude might be great or you might suck i. I still don't really have a great five for but we're gonna find out this weekend. So yeah that's my banger. For sure damien. What's yours loki banger. For this next seventy two hour stretch so judger occurred ball here. Because i i came into this preparing that he was gonna pick pantoja and really vall and so i picked a different one a complete way down the card one just because i wanted to come up some different than he pulled the u-turn he said he was gonna go. Jj wilson which. I would've absolutely agreed and said that pinto's versus tells you for instance whereas all is the best part of the weekend. Let's be honest because it's so easy. Wilson fight fell apart. It's the it's the main event. It's the i'm most excited about this. Week and brandon. Roy vol is is. I'm not kidding. One of the top ten most exciting fighters in the when that guy fights you know something. Weird and exciting is going to happen okay. He is that good and that much fun to watch I don't care who is fighting. I will watch Roy ball and i agree pantojas incredibly fun guy to watch in his own right. He's a very good flyway and obviously a guy who can absolutely win this fight So that's the fight of the weekend was absolutely find the weekend i just. I removed it. The with mike says low key banger. I think if i slip under the radar that one's not slipping under the radar because to be. That's the only fight worth watching this weekend. That being said i picked one completely out of left field. So go with this one even though i know jet will never watch it. I'm gonna go with hinton. For era against stewart austin and have fell. Paul me when i say this he never of course is the guy who won and lost the resume and the same fight you got trying and then knocked him out. You only get to that so many times. You're get a win. Didn't get in the playoffs because the weird pf l. point system and this week. And he's taking on. Stewart austin a guy who loves to fight win or lose in spectacular fashion. He has a win over tom. Aspinall here's a wintertime..

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