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Decreasing clouds, the low twenty nine degrees tomorrow sunny with a high of fifty three degrees. It is forty eight degrees at Miller park from the WTMJ breaking news center for the first time ever, the brewers and dodgers will meet in the postseason the brewers and LCS roster. Looks slightly different than the one feature during the NFL as WTMJ's. Greg. Magic is inside Miller park with more. Outfielder kion Bronx to is out. Lefty reliever Xavier sedalia is in David Stearns, the great council opting for twelve pitchers and thirteen position players for the NFL CS sedalia added to a brewers bullpen that is fifteen with a one sixty seven ERA over the last twenty nine games. We'll have more sports coming up at three fifteen. Call them out getters while the rest of the baseball world, the brewers call them out Gators while the rest of the baseball world calls them, just pitchers whatever the terminology the promises to feature some of the best in the game. The brewers had the most wins this season in the National League. Still they're considered the underdogs in their LCS matchup with Los Angeles for the television voice of the dodgers. Joe davis. It'll all come down to the arms. I don't think there are many series where the brewers are going to go into it saying they feel good about how their starting pitching batches up with the other side starting pitching. But you guys know they get it done a little bit differently. And I think that correct council put his pitching staffers out getters as a whole up against any Joe. Davis. Guest on Wisconsin's morning news earlier today. Doug, Russell WTMJ sports tonight starting out getters GIO Gonzalez and three times Cy Young award winner. Clayton Kershaw former brewers MLB Commissioner but see is looking forward to the game. Cetlics says WTMJ tells WTMJ has no response to. Former Miami Marlins president who claimed MLB would do anything to have the dodgers win the series respond. I don't. Just as a former Commissioner, I just I don't I'm proud of the integrity of our sport. And. That's the only thing I'll say. Former Marlins president David Samson says the comments to Dan lebatardshow on seven ninety AM's the ticket MVP candidate Christian yelich offense, hoping to make some hay tonight against Clayton. Kershaw brewers assistant hitting coach Jason lane tells WTMJ Steve's graffiti it takes everyone in the lineup yellow Chavan amazing year. He needs Lorenzo Cain.

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