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I don't think he stopped. State police say thirty seven year old Mark FitzGerald of land was behind the wheel. Good Samaritans boxed FitzGerald in on the highway one of them pulled a gun on the driver until police arrived. Fitzgerald of Lynn has been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. Richard camera hausky of framingham. The guy on the hood is charged with disorderly conduct the man who got out of his car with the gun was forced to the ground. When troopers arrived. He is not facing any charges. Kanye west is suing several record labels and music, publishers publishers, one of which is headed by Jay z. The Hollywood reporter claims it has obtained a heavily redacted pair of lawsuits filed against Universal Music Group. Jay Z's Rockefeller def jam and EMI music publishing. The suits allegedly allegedly involved Wests pursuit of monetary damages and a transfer of property west zone work as well as songs produced by west for Jay Z's, the blueprint are named in the non redacted portions police have arrested a French pilot involved in a crash over the Alps that has left seven people dead after questioning the injured survivors of Friday's plane and helicopter. Collision in the northern Italian Alps police put the injured French pilot under arrest the victims are all Europeans and include the Italian pilot of the helicopter taking skiers too a glacier police speculate, the small planes struck the helicopter as it was lifting off only helicopters have permission to land on the alpine. Glacier. Ski company said it had flagged the presence of small planes on the glacier thirties before Megan Williams. ABC news Rome historic pictures of president Kennedy. Another prominent Kennedy's are up for bought up around. Boston's financial district the JFK library foundation. The Kennedy institute for the Senate and the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway conservancy teamed up to create the event organizers say banners displaying, the iconic images of the president will remain in place along the Greenway for the rest of the winter. A Connecticut woman is accused of driving under the influence of vanilla extract. Stephanie Warner Greece of new Canaan Connecticut was arrested after she was found stopped at an intersection behind the wheel with their eyes closed. Officers report she had slurred speech and smelled like the nila. They also found several empty bottles bottles of extract inside the car, according to the FDA pure vanilla extract is seventy proof that you didn't know that I didn't she was taken into custody and arrested after failing a sobriety test. And she's being held on two hundred fifty dollars bail..

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