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Rights where and torture's Parkway. Our next report ten minutes, I'm Bob Ellis, NewsRadio eight forty W H A S. Wwl Kyi meterologist Mamello savage with your Wednesday forecast. We'll see a chance of shower this morning drier in the afternoon with clouds and sun and a high near seventy one degrees tonight, fair skies, lows down to fifty nine we'll be partly cloudy warmer tomorrow with a high near eighty and we'll continue that warming trend Friday on reportedly cloudy sky. We'll see highs near eighty six at your latest wwl kY forecast, I'm meteorologist Mattiello's vet. It's fifty four News Radio. Eight forty W H A S our top stories in Iraq, where the State Department's ordering all non emergency government employees to leave the country. The order covers Americans at the US embassy in Baghdad and the consulate and herbal incomes as the defense department is warning about the possible threat to Americans Iraq from rainy and backed forces as tensions rise between Washington and Taran. It's six oh, two at News Radio. Eight forty W H A S JCP s getting a bigger budget than the city. The of Louisville the board of education approving nearly two billion dollar budget last night the budget for the twenty nineteen twenty twenty school year includes nearly four and a half million dollars for mental health professionals another million dollars designated for safety and security plan. That's still under consideration. The stepson of the airline pilot accused of a western Kentucky. Trouble martyr is now talking about it. Christian Martins, charged in two thousand fifteen murders of his three neighbors. He's accused of killing Calvin Phillips, Pamela and their neighbor Edward dishonorable his stepson. Justin Harman tells W SM V TV Martin was abusive at first it was he was all nice and everything the momentum. And then it started gradually turning into him being a tire Martin serve six months in a military prison for assaulting a minor that minor in question was just in Harmon who tells the station what he would say to Martin if he could I hope that you get the worst punishment available to you. You don't deserve to be on the streets.

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