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There's certainly holes that you see expose and reasons to think this guy you know. Fix them some things up. But he's clearly still good enough to beat a certain tier of competition and beat them but l. classroom. This is three first round finishes now including the recruit injury so yeah. It's not unreasonable. At all that he'd been fighting for a title is that the number one choice is the number one choice for a lot of fans out there. Maybe not but again the way this guy fights finishes people. He's kind of taking that choice out of other people's hands and he's put it back in his own hands. And that's what's great about right real real quick one of the thing too. I wanna add just to follow up on that. Do what i find. Most impressive about his whole story at this point in particular is just like you look back maybe like four or five years ago right when he first started at the smith really. I started coming up in the ether and we started being aware of who he was in his name in the anticipating fights and he was winning those fights but he was winning those fights in such a different fashion than he's winning. Now right like you go back to the andrew sanchez. the hector lombard. All of these fights where he's getting his ass kicked for basically the entirety of it and then his just as heart really them through in the final minutes or any polls off some late comeback or something like that. That's not always winning anymore. Like you look at these last three. All three of them first round finishes in all three of them just thorough in their domination. And even like you said ak the first couple of rounds of Sherifi which also very thorough in anthony's favor like he has really become a complete fighter under our noses in. It's so much fun to watch compared to where he was just even three or four years ago. Casey your thoughts and the main event in one thing that kinda drowsy a little crazy. And i'm glad anthony smith gets the main events in the in the money and stuff but return to the matches hit so much harder when people in the arena doesn't knock ac. I mean good. Lord came out for the jimmy crude fight. It woke me up. I was ready to go. I was like yes fans. This is awesome. This tremendous to hear it. Come out in the apex. It's just not the same when eighteen people are clapping for you like it's not the same. I honestly our i kind of miss either. Do know fans or i kind agreement dana on this either fans or kind of or at least half capacity or something and it was like fifteen people. They're just weird. That's all was just about anthony. Smith anthony smith when he came back to the sea after originally getting cut from the people people forget that he was in the. You've got cut me. He came he he of came over from the strike trailing ufc for one fight once. I lost my knee bar. In the first round. I remember watching. I remember him losing roger gracie on the very final strikeforce card and then no surprised he came over and he lost his first one. Usc uc released them and then he loses his first fight in the regional circuit to so for.

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