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So again, make even if the Bruins want a cup, let's say next year like, you know what it's going to be very happy with your garage. You're still going to have the 20% of the the fanbase. You're still going to be like, well anyone could have done that. I really thought 2019 was going to be it. I really thought that was going to be the year. I really thought that was it. It was like this is this one the narrative changes. This is when people go, you know, pretty good but it's funny. I mean the two goals and Seventeen seconds of thing to like that's just net front coverage like no one looking. Wojciech and ferrets. It says like oh you should have covered your guy better like Xbox control is disconnected. They're just, you know, just just Puck watching like I find that fascinating to me that more people don't like talk about the terrible net-front coverage, but they just want to see Evan. We're just making excuses for the guy. So that's true. We just make choices we make excuses. There was another part where it was like, you know disagree agree type scenario Bruce Cassidy. Lots of people have complete faith in Bruce Cassidy as coach the Bruins 62% said either completely agree or number six, which was like wow much pretty much agree completely Jacobs not as much Jacob they were not so kind to but a lot of people were seven six five and four with him, but there were more often to in one's in the rest of the the crew which player on the Boston Bruins. Do you most admire for what they contribute to their team first round with 28% of the vote obviously rocking Marshawn 1:18 a.m. Resent and I'm just noticing this you know, who was third. Jaroslav halak was seventeen percent that is hysterical. Now. I mean, you know being plan admire that he came in and you know walk them through the hurricanes and but yeah, I mean that is very ironic that he's number three on that list Charlie Coyle made the list as well actually and then we've already kind of wage and local guys Kevin Hayes top top top Center in the league number six center in the NHL just hysterical that all of Dorchester has been teamed up to vote for that list. That's the biggest Troll and I've seen since zemgus girgensons was in like the NHL All-Star Game country just voted a men. I find that hysterical which plan on the Bruins for whatever that is not or did not meet your expectations this I did tweet. You probably saw this last 35% back at 17% which I pack is makes sense Nick Ritchie 8% That makes sense Danton Heinen. 6% Chara 3% jars on this list like every year but the other I mean Rask at 35 Rascals eight Fez came set came in.

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