Why Nyiah Courtney Had to Die


I had a kind of a piff. Today as i was listening to the carnage of what happened in. Dc in chicago this morning in baltimore. They've recently released the stats for the children in public schools. Forty one percent of the children in the public schools of baltimore have an f grade. The gpa is one is one now. What's that got to do with beautiful naive. Courtney's death everything really. What happens if a culture a group part of society is inculcated is indoctrinated to think that education is an important or is so ill served by the teachers and the unions who couldn't care less about their fate that even if they wanted to learn they can't because they're too busy not teaching for some cova regional something or too busy teaching them garbage like critical race theory. What happens if a whole ethnic group a whole slice of society. Whatever skin color. Whatever socioeconomic background starts off being told you can't learn or you shouldn't learn when they leave school at six eighteen what options they have may become tech giant's entrepreneurs can they become a white collar professionals during their business from home on the zoom kohl's. Let's basically two options. They can become dependent lackeys of the state. Stop pushing out babies from various different fathers who are encouraged not to stay there because then you get more money from daddy state who wants the other option. You know what it is. You leave school in those skills. Nobody to help you get your first job. The democrats have created a minimum wage. Destroys your chances of getting the first ladda on your career. The first rung on your ladder because mcdonalds is going to have a little electronic kiosks to order your hash browns. And you big mac and you don't get that job. So what are you turn to crime. Forty turn to

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