Caller Concerned Inflation, Higher Priced Goods Will Get Worse Under Biden


It. But Venezuela has arrived. And Leesburg, Virginia, My husband went to Costco last night here. By five. Okay? Hybrid by for his birthday, our tradition to grill for his birthday. Usually they're $40. Yesterday. They were $90. Wow. We did not have rib eyes last night. It's happening that's like almost double in price, and I'm very scared that it's just going to get worse and worse. I don't want to upset you, but it's definitely going to get worse and you can already see it as I say. People tell me they drive into McDonald's. You can't get anything for really Maybe one meal. A small meal for five bucks used to be able to get a lot for five bucks. You see, the cost of labor is going through the roof in order to keep people working. Even low skilled or no skilled labour because they're competing with the federal welfare state now. That is your tax dollars, So that's driving up prices. There's shortages of items that's driving up prices. And of course, inflation is driving up prices. I went also in Leesburg. To a gas station called sheets and I went to fill up my car. And the the premium price was unbelievable yet it's shot way up and it's not just them. I don't blame them. It's because we were energy independent. Prior to this man taking over and moving into the Oval Office. We're not energy independent anymore. You know, OPEC is back in action. And, of course, Russia gets their pipeline. What do you call these people? If you don't calm, American Marxist, What do you call them? Stupid? He's got dementia. Come on, folks.

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