Eric Marcus: Coming of Age During the AIDS Crisis

Making Gay History


I'm eric marcus forty years ago. News first broke into the mainstream of a deadly new disease. I was coming of age and coming out in new york city. During the first years of the aids crisis friends and neighbors fell ill and died. Our community was changed forever. This is an audio memoir of that time. It's record of my experiences between nineteen eighty one and nineteen eighty eight and a journey to connect with some of the people who went through it with me are the start of nineteen eighty-three centers for disease. Control reported that one thousand two hundred and twenty one people have been diagnosed with aids in the united states. Seven hundred and forty eight had died. Many thousands more had symptoms. That would prove to be the early stages of the disease at the start of nineteen eighty-three. I was lonely. I was single. And i didn't want be. I didn't feel a connection to any of new york city. Gay communities and i hadn't yet found a professional community i didn't belong to.

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