Was Grand Central Station One of Hitler's Targets?


Central station sprawls across almost fifty acres of prime manhattan real estate between train travel and tourism. It welcomes about seven hundred and fifty thousand visitors a day. There's a lot to gawk at its celestial ceiling twinkles above a bustling main concourse bullets restaurants and shops the four faced clog in the middle of the lobby is made of opal glass. But grand. central's most alluring room lies deep beneath its trained tunnels off limits in very much off the radar of the general public. The rooms name even evokes something classified in mysterious m forty the sub basement used to house the rotary converters that powered much of new york city's rail system somewhere between nine and thirteen storeys below grand central station. It's also the deepest place in new york city meaning further underground than the hidden. Money volts at the federal reserve bank downtown. The basement is only accessible through one elevator or unmarked staircase the precise locations of which are secret. Even the terminals official maps and blueprints don't mention the basement m forty two's very existence was seldom acknowledged until the nineteen eighties. Unless you're in the navy during world war two. A naval training film alluded to the mysterious basement marketing. It as the safest place in new york should a nuclear attack occur. Rumor has it adolf hitler. Do all about 'em forty two and wanted to blow it up. Which brings us to conspiracy theory number one. During world war two nazi spies sought to destroy the secret power station beneath grand

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