Fantastic French Startups at Vivatech 2021


Here with the team at need. Could you please introduce astounds name questionnaire. And i'm the cro accompanied. Those of cook need c and see Cro meaning chief revenue. Right right excellent. okay Could you start by introducing. Kobe tell us what is cognate. What does it do Who your customers. And what problems do you help them. Solve many questions at the time for it. So katie's he's a real time A obeys virtual assistant That is designed to help Inside sales and customer service reps in conversation real time conversation with clients. What the tool does it is. Listen to the conversation. Detect some key wirtz and prompts on the contextual relevant information that direct can use to have better conversations. We're talking about call. Centers is that right Sales rep in a cool center remotely those days right. So it's not necessarily only call centers it can be a you know salesperson that spending also time on the phone I guess it would be face to face at some point when we all wear glasses with mounted reality in front of screen dashboard. That helps agent. Yeah it's from two thirds prompting information during the conversation based on the detection and this information can be additional information to Help him be more precise or use on the recommended work where being for the messaging it can also questions to to Extend the conversation can be on sas to objections or the way to go round objections. It can be many type of question that of content that can help the during the

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