What's Next for Nintendo Switch?

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Three starting to wind down brett one of the last presentations was from nintendo and folks were hoping to hear about a new switch. That didn't happen. And if you remember we suggested that wasn't likely in our pre three coverage that's because the switch is still in high demand and with the computer chip shortage caused by the pandemic still affecting production of electronics. And lots of other things. I mean why would you want to launch a new console. Well exactly but on the bright side. We're gonna have a lot of new games to be playing on. our current. Nintendo switch is this year and beyond one of the highlights was another glimpse of the much anticipated sequel to the legend of zelda breath of the wild which is coming next year. It looks gorgeous. It looks like a very huge universe that players are going to explore if you're a big fan of breath of the while basically it looks like you can expect that. Just a lot bigger In the meantime while we wait for that a remastered version of the legend of zelda skyward sword which was which was originally released for the nintendo. We is out for nintendo switch on july sixteenth and you can get special joy con controllers themed after the master sword and hilly and shield which also launched on the same day and perhaps one of the biggest surprises was a new metro game called metro. Dread it's a sequel to two thousand two's metro fusion game with this the first two d metro game starring bounty hunters salmon's aaron with the new story in one thousand nine years. What we saw were some cinematic story. Sequences that lead to some cool side scrolling levels. Sam is fighting what looks to be some new super robots. They're called the emi. That sam has to get pretty creative to get away from that game is coming october. Eighth also nintendo said metro-wide prime four which they announced in two thousand seventeen is still in development. So we're gonna have to wait a little longer for that

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