Entrepreneur, Podcaster Jannese Torres-Rodriguez on Why She Left the Corporate 9-5

Brown Ambition


Talked a little bit before. And i believe you told me that you were working as an engineer at this time. Was that like because that is a field that i mean. I'm all for more women in stem and and you know and that must have been from all the research i've done as a personal finance reporter whenever you did a list of top earning majors in college. It was always like computer engineering things like that. So you must have had a well paying job in a field that super competitive and you must be extraordinarily smart but you said that you hated your job right so can you talk about. What was it about your career that you weren't finding fulfilling and then how did you and when did you sort of pivot into what you're doing. Now yeah yes. So as an engineer in a latina. Like i think that the career experience has definitely served me. Well in the sense that like i'm so used to being manned s- planed that now when it happens in like the personal finance fear which yes. It absolutely does kind of doesn't bother me. I'm just like midge like what you like. We are the same. So i'm not even here to like i. I don't need your explanation. Sir thank you. And because that came so much from like mike corporate experience i was usually the youngest woman in the room i was usually the only woman of color and there was a lot of like that. Just you know that girl. That girl gets like the products and nobody else wants to work on. And just gets talked down to gets told that i'm aggressive when the men are quote unquote being assertive blah blah blah. So i think from that perspective. I'm grateful for the fact that it gave me a thick skin because right i don't take any shit from anybody at this point. I think my career has a lot to do with that. But i think i followed my father's footsteps when it comes to an engineering background. Because he is an engineer as well he works on like automating production lines for manufacturing companies. And so i always like surrounded by technology and curiosity and science like that was always the vibe that was in my house i was always wanting to find out what my dad was working on. So i think you know. I saw him being financially successful. And i wanted to mimic that but then i also realized that after a while. I just don't care about this. This is not what lights me up. Yes i was making great money like i was twenty five years old making like seventy five thousand dollars. I started making six figures before. I turn thirty. And you know the monetary aspect of it is what kept me in the field for so long. Because i had all these thoughts about like. What the hell awesome. I going to do this actually going to be able to pay me this type of money but at some point i just realized like i can't go through life. Just living with the excitement of paycheck. 'cause it's not it's not worth it to

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