How to Buy Back Your Time With Jannese Torres-Rodriguez

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Hello denise hey girl hey oh my gosh. I can't believe this is really happening. We'll thank you so much for joining us. From sonny sonny tampa florida. Yeah yeah it's not a bad place to be. I gotta say that. So did you will first of all. I'm really excited. Because yo- cato denardo. Podcast i mean it is just one of it feels like several will a few really interesting and unique new personal finance brands for latino women and especially and i'm sure that your audience is larger than that. But it was i think it was. I don't know when tiffany. And i were just starting out. There is like no latino people. Latino people doing personal finance podcasts. So i'm just excited that y'all are getting better representation that you're using your voice to reach this audience. And as we say. Bienvenidos as i try to say in my hugh. I appreciate that in it. That really is the kind of origin story of. Why the podcasts. Even exists because of that very reason just not being able to find representation and i fell into personal finance listening to people whose your minute suzie. Orman for me is like the. Og love her. I've actually seen her live. Like i'm that person that ghosts and follows her around but at some point you know it's like that's cool but you're also like a seventy year old white woman within your own private island. I can't honestly say that we have so much in common. So i kinda wanna hear like what are normal. People like me doing with money. And so i couldn't find it so i had to create the space so we can have those conversations. That's so funny. Yeah i can't i mean susie organised so much bigger than her hairstyle and yet. That is the only thing that i think about what i hear about suzy. But yet iconic yali iconic. We'll talk to me about geneva story. Tell me your personal finance origin story if you could pinpoint the experience in your life when you knew while i'm going to really focus in on my finances and wealth-building what would that what would that be for you. Well it's funny. Because i felt like i was good with money until i realized i wasn't which i think happens to a lot of

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