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Stopped by some broken but But I'll tell you more. You watch the point. Weekly basis He really is. I think the heart beat this team. I mean, Kucherov was an artist, right? And he just goes about his business and his subtle Imaginative ways, but 80 points sure does an awful lot of things who was tampered reaching, and he and his team up seven nothing with a steel. Tyler Johnson, streaking in left side shot blocked. To the in boards. Season high crowd for the Lightning on Whole knife 7 14,091. It's exactly 20 more people than they had in for Game two. That was their previous I 7 14,091 and for the home crowd, they've seen point of performance and Shen scores. He threw it on that for the right point may have been deflected on the way I think they could eat goals makes it ate nothing here. It might hit a couple of miles is on the way and that would be Just about poetic. Justice. An Islander team. That's just been frustrated to no end right from the get go pretty innocent. Play maroon back to Shin. Let's see. It goes off of Michael office, Cizikas and then poet. And we'll get one more. Look here regardless. 10. It's Tommy and the whole right pinball wizard. There you go hand into the back of the net and If you're tampering you want we could probably use more. Five of these goals come Wednesday. As First goal of the playoffs. Third career playoff goal for Defense Solution eight Nothing shot from Shen was going to miss the net. Wide left and hit Bullock. Ricocheted in And that equals a team record for the lightning most goals in a playoff game in their history. Eight The third time. What is it now? They got the touchdown of the two point conversion. No, I'll be nothing. Well, we also talked about plots goal earlier. That was one that you know when things are going right. That's reflection goes to the back of that. You can add that one to the column also. Everything going right for camp. I'm sure this has been just domination for the lightning from the first shift. Now he's going to say, David, you know his reality in the playoffs, though. Whether you win by eight After losing over time. It's only good for one win. That's right. So you move on winter lose quickly, like match playing golf, right. Lose the whole win. The next one Put me down for six. Redial flinging in towards the middle of the ice played away by Coleman. Field on the right point, moves it down a little further picked off by surrogate Jeb surrogates. You bumped down at center right back on the Islanders. Jack leaves it off. Palmeri poke checked away like good role. The team that I'm around. Regular basis. Vegas Golden Knights. They lost the first game around two and Colorado 72 right. They lost the first two games of the series lost second overtime. The point being It was only one game. They ended up winning the series in six to knock out the app. So that game looked like that series was going to be over in three. Holy count Rose. Good. Yep. Instead, the biggest storm back and now you've got Islanders team that The resiliency they've shown knocking out Pittsburgh and Boston in the first two rounds. Sample as the puck here with 5 57 to go in a face off back in the Tampa ban, So if you're buried trots, what is the fine line between Correcting what needs to be corrected, but also flushing this quickly. I don't think there's anything to correct. Think you're this late this season. You just burned the tape. You talk about moving forward. I've been shocked. What are you going to gain by at this point of the season, looking doing any tape? You know, you just wipe it clean Comeback Game six. Now you got to win two in a row. That may be a ceremony. Say on your something. Exorcism rites, right? Get rid of it. It's Toronto and Major League is Everly Top Green lets it rip to save made by Vasilevskiy. 5 35 left. Price comes maroon, starting down the left wing alone on the rush. Maroon in the right wing corner. He's looking set to go to the Finally, the third year in a row, win a Stanley Cup of the third year in a row. Nobody's done that. Nobody in the NHL since the members of those Great Islanders dynasty teams that ripped off four straight in the early eighties. Local dishes off the green now left side in the island or end Lightning. Have a chance Wednesday night to go to the Stanley Cup finals back to back years. The first time in their history. Alec across on a bullet lets it rip blocked by pellet and he blocked out over the glass. Step aside with 4 51 to go now in the third. And the lightning time a team record. Goals in the game. They put up eight on the Islanders here in game 58 Nothing. Tampa in conjunction with NBC Sports, You're listening to the Stanley Cup

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