A highlight from 06/15/21 DPS Hour 2 Wright Thompson


Of twenty twenty without achilles injury. Kyrie irving has played a full season since he left cleveland. Back in twenty. Seventeen and james harden has been in and out all season long in fact got an update from woge the nets have upgraded james harden to doubtful for game. Five coming up tonight. If you upgrade doubtful that doesn't sound too promising for the nets but it is game five coming up tonight. This is unknown territory harden and kyrie alpha game five. It looks like and we don't know about anything with their availability after that and even when they come back can they be themselves. I don't know if you can write them off now. I don't know if you feel really confident. Vegas still has the nets as the team to beat for the nba championship. I don't know if the stars come back. Now it's kevin durant time and milwaukee has employed a pretty good defensive physical defense there and frustrating. Kevin durant somebody's not somebody. Somebody's better step up in this game. Five because milwaukee now is starting to feel a little bit more confident they should. Because you're getting. You're getting a good team. Feel here playing defense. Being able to shut kevin durant. Now they should beat the nets with just kevin durant. And if they don't then there's going to be changes in milwaukee but you're getting guys who aren't normally playing a lot of minutes now they get their chance and maybe somebody steps up for the nets tonight other than kevin durant. joe harris. Joe harris is causing himself a lot of money by not playing well and you would have thought he would have been a benefactor. Here with these other superstars out. Yeah mclovin the sixers had a big lead early last night. They really blew it. Opportunities need rest for embiid and they're hoping that the nets bucks goes seven. Because i speak as the sixers fan. I think the nets or the bucks could beat a hobbled and beat sixers so bucks at the nets game five tonight. The hawks over the sixers they were down eighteen came back. The trae young had twenty five and eighteen clippers. Beat the jazz. Quite leonard was able to sit out the final four and a half minutes. Now he's got that knee injury. Chronic issue and that of course has led to load management during the season and it seemed to be an issue later in the game. He was asked about it. He said we'll his knee impact him in game five and he said it's good next question is not going to give you much anyway but i think this is something that he's going to have the rest of his career that they own. That's why he's doing load management here poll question so we did put up for our wind. Will aaron rodgers be under center week. One sixty four percent say yes. I'm surprised it's that low. But yeah i don't know where the thirty six percent they go be yano either. I'm now maybe not very convincing in my argument here with aaron rodgers. Is he going to hold out. What's got it's going to cost him. And i have to believe that he is his thinking about his legacy. Because this is the team that gives you the best chance to go back to the nfc title game if he happens to go to the afc. You're not even the best uniting the second best team in your own division. If you're in the afc west you're gonna sit out and then prove what the clock is ticking on you have this and that's a really good green bay team right now. I just can't envision him saying. because you're now that's another year where you're going to blow another opportunity to maybe get back to another super bowl here. I mean this is what a thirty seven year old quarterback. And i know. He may look at tom. Brady and say hey. I got a few more years than you think. Okay but there's only one tom brady. He's the anomaly here. Everybody's talking about. I wanna play as long as tom. Okay russell wilson's talked about that as well. Okay well let me see when you get into your forties. How you're feeling but also trying to understand at some point. The packers have to know who's their quarterback like they have to be selfish as an organization. Aaron rodgers might be selfish now with his approach with all of this. Obviously you've got feelings hurt but we keep hearing that. This is fixable. I need to know what the problem is to know if it's fixable because if you say it's fixable we got the jordan love situation then it's not fixable but the packers have to at some point say all right who's our quarterback here because that is a nfc title talented team and the path to the super bowl. You got tampa bay. I guess you can throw in san francisco if they're healthy. I like the rams says the sneaky team but how many other great. Nfc teams are. They're coming up this year and that opens the door for green bay. Aaron rodgers to get back to an nfc title game and maybe back to another super bowl. Not going to a super bowl in denver. Not going for to a super bowl with the raiders. Not anytime soon

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